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babypapa's introduction

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hi my dear babies, mamas, daddys, :)
at first let me say that i'm happy to be here, new in this community.
i'm martin, here as Babypapa. :)
i'M a switcher, so i am half a daddy and half a baby.
In reality i studyed musics and work as musics teacher.
My favorites as well in daddy as also in the baby role, are baby bottles and pacifiers. I also use Diapers, but not so often.
For everything else, you can ask me, in a pm, an E-Mail or so. :)
i'll always answer. :)
One my dream is it to find a person, a girl, maybe someday a partner, who can tollerate me with my ticks and fears. :) but i think we all, or most of us here, hope this.
lets talk. :)
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