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We all get the urge to act bratty around our caregivers sometimes. Maybe they tried to sneak veggies into our food. Maybe they just plain made you mad. Or maybe they're just flat out being butts, and caregivers never seem to understand when they're being butts. You're too young to use any sort of "adult language" or else you'll get spanked for saying bad words, but you need something to call your caregiver to let out those frustrations. Something to remind them they're being a butt, even if it gets you punished for being "bratty" it feels good doing it.

This is where babyish insults come in. You come up with names to call them that are kind of mean without being vulgar or dirty and while still being silly and childish.

Off the top of my head, my favorites are:

Gas Giant

Fart Puff

Butt Breath

Poopy Butt

So what are your favorite babyish insults to call your caregivers by when you're feeling bratty?
Oh....poopy head, definitely.
I've always been a fan of

I vividly recall being disciplined in first grade for calling somebody "butt face" at recess. Those were the innocent days -- back when it was possible to make it to first grade without hearing words like "fucker" and "asshole."

Sea cow



All in all buttbag is my favorite.
I once called my AB Mama "stinky bum", before she collapsed into several minutes of laughter. Haven't really tried it since! However, I like being cute and when Mama is playing games with me, I always say "Mama silly". My Little is a bit too young to have learnt too many words yet, especially naughty words. :eek:

On a semi-related note, I love having really babyishs kind of 'loving insults' used towards me. I just melt when Mama asks "Who's a smelly boy?", "You're so messy", "You don't know any better"... :)
I just thought of this one!

Too many Butt's!!!!

I'm turning into an ass at this very moment!
I don't have a caretaker, but the preschoolers and toddlers my mom watches come up with all sorts of odd insults. Recently, they've been calling each other "poopy diapers."
I call my boyfriend a "doo doo head" sometimes. He's very funny about what he let's his little sissy say, but he's a good big brother even if he is a doo doo head!
SquishyButt has always been a favorite of mine:smile:.
i just say that i'll eat ya >:U omnomnom
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