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Wanted to know thoughts on gerber food. Specifically, the Gerber Graduates, which I believe are made for a slightly older age group. I think it could be fun to try the applesauce or oatmeal brands. Has anyone tried? Is it worth it or does it just make more sense to stick to regular oatmeal?
I can't comment directly on your question, as I haven't tried Gerber Graduates. Someday I will.

I have tried the Gerber products for a younger crowd, not too often but occasionally. I like (sort of) the carrots and the peas.

Baby food tends to be on the bland side.

Although I consider baby food too expansive to even try to use often, I do think if you want, to go ahead a try. Taste is very personal and the only way you will know if you like it is to try it.
well I like regular oatmeal with a little brown sugar and milk, I use to have that every day when I was a kid going to school. and I still have it now and then. mmm good
I still eat oatmeal. The Gerber fruits are pretty good. I like their apricots. My wife used to get me some.
A few days ago, I ate a jar of Beech Nut pureed "Carrots".
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