Baby Talk - Adult Talk - Baby Talk (over and over)

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Ok this as probably been talked about before but I wanna give my point of view of whats going on. Ok, lately I've been going in and out of baby talk here and there and I'm kind of learning how to talk baby, which is a good thing, but sometimes I can't help it as it just haapens<example. I can't be the only one that views it like that, can I ?
You're probably not the only one who views it that way.

Personally speaking I despise baby talk. It annoys me to no end.
My advice would be don't start or view it as a good thing unless its part of an actual relationship because when you're not feeling too good having 'mommy' slip out un consciously over random shit in your day to day life doesn't improve the situation
I've never practiced baby talk, partly because I'm not that fussed about how accurately I do it, but also because I don't think reacting to things in a babyish way is a good habit to get into when you're dealing with those adult responsibilities in life which you have to take care of in a mature, adult way.

That said, I enjoy baby talk and seem to slip into it pretty naturally when in little headspace. That was especially the case when I had a GF/Carer, but I still usually do it without thinking when I'm in little mode. Baby talk is one thing that a lot of people on ADISC seem to dislike. I agree that it would get annoying on a forum meant for adult discussion, but I find it cute and fun to slip into baby talk (usually about 18 months old for me) when I'm in the right situation for it.
Can someone please provide an example of baby talk?
Is there any sites that have a list or how to? I found one years ago but now I can't 😞
SilentlySpeaking said:
Can someone please provide an example of baby talk?

My own way of describing it is that you see/say things in both an adult and childish way, this could be just my little space coming out of it's shell. I have noticed that I am associating words that sound like each other, e.g. fine and five, and my mind kinda fights for which one I wanna say. Another thing is that with vowels in words are just being replaced by non vowel letters which makes it sound childish or babyish and vice versa as well, and also skipping over letters in words from time to time. Hope this heped
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