Baby style hoodies/fleecy jumpers


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Hi, i’m looking for recommendations for hoodies or fleecy jumpers in the UK.

I’ve got loads of onesies and baby style pants, but when it’s cold I end up wearing one of my adult hoodies and it doesn’t feel right and takes me out of feeling little sometimes.

I’d love a baby style hoodie or fleecy jumper, but struggling to find much on a Google search. I did find one Etsy shop that sold Disney print hoodies, but it’s disappeared?
Try searching “agere hoodie” in etsy
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I always thought of those animal and dinosaur themed hoodies with the mouth on the elbows to be very childish looking, but they do have some in adult sizes. I'm sure that is not what you are looking for, but I wanted to bring it up because I think it is cool. They do ship to the UK and Europe.

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