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Should I use and what is it for? It sounds nice though...
I use it to absorb wetness, also it covers up the urine smell.
Is it safe inside a diaper for girls

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recent tests have found talc can contribute to vaginal cancer
I heard about corn starch powder, does that have ten same effect?
Yes corn starch will do pretty much the same thing minus the fragrance.

And if you use to much it can affect the absorbency of your diaper, apply it to your body, dumping some in after you tape up is a waste of money.

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I'm a girl and use baby scented corn starch baby powder (generic walmart brand)
Keeps you dry after a diaper change and helps reduce chafing and rashing due to excessive moisture.

Can apply it directly to skin or a thin layer in your diaper.

Just don't put too much or it'll reeeeally dry you out or form into globs when wet.
So it won't smell nice, I wanted to use it to reduce smells and stuff, I think I should buy a bottle anyway and try it.
They sell scented corn starch baby powder

Unless you're buying a box of pure corn starch. In which case that doesn't have an odor.
I couldn't find vornstarch anywhere so i Bought Talc, is the Same as talcon? Is there sufficient evidence that talcon or "talc" causes ovarian cancer?
From what I can gather reading lawsuits. it seems more a matter of something you cannot prove that is driving these awards in court. Based more on statistics. In other words, They find a lot of women use talcum powder for Feminine hygiene and so statistically, it "could be possible" that Talc was a contributor. Lawyers are trying to put talc on the same level as inhaling tobacco smoke. You could have just as easily said that cotton underwear causes ovarian cancer. how do you disprove it? Everyone diagnosed with it wore cotton underwear. Sounds solid to me!
Well in the courts there is sufficient evidence for a jury to award 1 woman 72 million and a 2 nd one 55 million from Johnson & Johnson, sorry to put it like this but if you are the owner of a vagina would it not make sense to go with a product that is linked to a thick gravy( corn starch slurry instead of flour) rather than talc that has been linked to cancer, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. I realize I am a male so it's easy for me to say this, but if I was female it would certainly be something I really thought about hard before risking the chance of losing a majority of My reproductive organs and be flipped right into menopause, or worse losing the battle with cancer and dieing, all because I used a product containing talc .

Then again every day people die from using tobacco yet others continue to smoke, I have never met a lung cancer patient that did not decide to quit smoking because they have lung cancer, it's a little late now once you have cancer to quit smoking, but it definitely illustrates that it takes the equivalent of a nuclear bomb going of in your life to quit a bad habit.
With talc it's not known to be addictive so starting and stoping use is as simple as purchasing product B instead of product A.

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I use baby powder half often, I didn't know there was a cancer risk! :(
Yep baby powder, shower to shower all that stuff with talc in it, there has been whispers in the medical community about it going back 20 years that I can remember it is only recently that legal action has been taken and the cases won, in the case of the 72 million the woman lost her battle with cancer before the verdict was rendered , so her husband and children prevailed and will potentially be the recipients, however the company has already said it is going to appeal the verdict and tie it up in more courts for many years to come, which sounds stupid to me because if the evidence was strong enough for the jury now, what will potentially come out , in the Future?.

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I use johnsons baby powder but just on my butt and body. I actually used to once in a diaper but hopefully it wouldn't make a difference once and I checked the symptoms for ovarian cancer so I know in advance.
I wouldn't get too worried over a few uses.
If you're still worried about talc use on the diaper regions there's lots of other uses for it that won't give you cancer. Like a flea killer or an air freshener.

I sprinkle a little under my mattress for the lovely smell and have it lining my doors and windows to keep out fleas.

Other uses include chafe prevention, cleaning sand off you at the beach, before waxing to absorb moisture and to help the wax stick better, in a jar / plate to freshen up a closet, and keeping shoes smelling fresh.
As long as you don't get it inside your vagina then you should be okay, maybe just sprinkle some on your butt and other areas and rub it all over.
Honestly though the vagina is the miracle self cleaning oven of the female anatomy and artificial efforts mess with it are all harmful in some way, douches sell like crazy, yet are unnecessary and have been linked to PID ( pelvic Inflammatory disease ) as well as pregnancy ( some people believe that a douche after intercourse is the thing to do, not) and now they are linking talc ( the vagina will have an odor,it's normal and natural)
even Tampons have caused problems when they had to much I believe it was rayon fiber in them caused TSS ( Toxic Shock Syndrome) we always going two steps forward and three back, something that was believed to be good turns out bad for us or the enviroment. It appears so far that it is chronic long term exposure to talc that causes the cancer, but no one knows what is enough or when it becomes to much as far as cancer risk.
I partially grew up in an orphanage run by nuns, and if you did not feel well immediately there first thought was an enema will fix you up, that's a wrong thing to due also, and we'll we are there remember exlax and several other brands were recalled and replaced because Phenophalien caused cancer and now everything is Senna or Bisacodyl based.I worry about people's cancer risk even if I only know them from there posts, yet we could walk out of the house and be hit by a bus and not be able to do anything about it.

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I'll let the lawyers in the group comment. However, just because a couple of juries of twelve individuals who couldn't get out of jury service were swayed by a lawyer does not prove anything.
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