Baby Pants Plastic Pants?

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Are the Baby Pants plastic pants any good? Not the Gary plastic pants sold by Baby Pants, but the ones that Baby Pants manufactures. They seem to have an excellent price. Also, is the Gerber PEVA version better, or is the standard plastic version better?

I've bought the Milky White plastic pants from them as well as the Pastel Pink Frilly Rhumba pants, I have to say they are both quite nice, and accurate according to the plastic quality chart they provide; If the site says the pants are silent, they are silent! :) I have not tried the PEVA version so I cannot help you there.

I hope you found my experience helpful!
I have had ok luck with them so far. The gray ones are the ones that I had problems so far. I would buy from them again.

Can not say about pul vs pvc except from what I have read.
I've tried the baby pants Classic Plastic pants and came to interesting discoveries. They seem to not be sized the same, I got 2 pairs, the pink star and pink butterflies. Both in large. For The pink star ones seem to be smaller and less durable as they tore the first time I wore them. The pink butterflies however are just fine and fully functional. So I'll say this, the sizing isn't completely reliable, but they're worth it. They do what they're meant to, and they're quiet enough to be discreet.
Amazing how a person finds bits and pieces of information. I am in the midst at the moment of shopping around for a few plastic pants. And there are a few suppliers out there that have some decent looking products. However I had no idea about "Baby Pants" and so say the least I shall be popping in for a visit.

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