Baby-Pants, or Babykins?

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I'm wanting to buy a well fitting onesie (not footed pajamas, an actual onesie, or diaper-shirt as they are sometimes called). It's a toss up between Baby-Pants, or Babykins as to where I'm getting it from. Babykins is based in Canada, so that's an advantage for me, but Baby-Pants seems comparable for quality and price even with shipping. Anyone tried either of these onesies, or both. Which would you suggest?
You have to be careful with the Baby Pants sizing. A couple of years ago I bought two size mediums and
they never did shrink up for length in the crotch. They still don't support my diaper all that well. I've tried
boiling them and that never seemed to help them shrink. They are a soft heavy weight cotton which I like and if
I ever get any more from them I'll order smalls. I find mine from Fetware do the best for me.
Babykins was the company I'd recommend most heartily before Baby-Pants came along. I would still give the edge to Babykins overall in terms of quality but as a US customer, Baby-Pants has good stuff at reasonable prices. I'd say over time try both but start local and go with Babykins unless you're looking for a particular item that only one or the other has.
I have been getting stuff from babykins and they have been really good. :thumbsup:
I've bought from Baby Pants and have been very pleased. Getting the correct size is always difficult. I've learned that sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope it fits. if it doesn't, you just have to swallow the loss and go to the next size.
I ordered a boy print onsie from babykins 6 weeks ago and got a girl print one instead , I emailed them right away and after a bit of back and forth and " i'm sorry the print isn't suitable for you " it came out they were out of what I wanted and weren't sure when they will get more in as there looking for a new supplier of fabric , but still they sent me some random thing they had on hand . so I will never order from them again as im out the cost of the onsie $35 and about $13 for shipping . its really to bad as they are a small Canadian company and I am Canadian too . as a aback story I have only ordered ab stuff online 2x ever 1st one never showed up and was to scared to tell visa and now this . its kinda sad in my eyes like minded people taking advantage of each other . my advise do as your doing , do your homework
Thanks so much for all of your help guys! I think I might get my wife to help me do proper measurements, then likely order one from Babykins. They are Canadian, which is an advantage, and from what I can tell the quality is there too... I also don't have to worry about potential customs/duty fees as I would if I ordered from Baby-Pants. The price is right, I think I'll give it a go. Thanks again!
I'm Canadian and I have ordered from both. I found the BabyPants onsie to be a bit long, but with super thick diapers they tend to work out. Babykins are good quality are pretty much right on their sizing. Regarding out of stock prints, I let Jenny know that the print I want is that one (and only) in the email and she/or her team has gotten back to me if the print is out of stock, letting me adjust the order. BTW, their night, flat fold diapers are very thick and comfy if you are interested and they recently reintroduced the velcro closing diaper that DPF (where I got my first one years ago) made popular. I wish both companies would change up their prints from time to time, but I'm just a baby - what fashion sense do I have?:laugh:
I purchased training pants from Baby Pants. While the quality and design is pretty fantastic, the sizing is just wrong. The pants don't have nearly a high enough rise. The training pants need to be taller.
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