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So I am looking for some blanks to make Baby on Board type signs, the suction cups would be nice but not needed. I looked all over the net and just cannot find them. Do any of my crafty people know where i could find them at?

should be a PVC/nylon 6"x6" and yellow (heck I would take white ones and put the yellow vinyl on them.
If you search sign blanks on Amazon's you can find some things that might work for you.

would look at truck placards and then work on the design from there. You might have to choose suction cups separately and drill or cut out the hike for the suction cups!
Another thing I'd look into is cutting some magnet sheets into the shape and size so it can stick like a bumper sticker
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I wanted to make a "Baby Behind Wheel" sign...I might go for this instead... 🤭

these are 2 designs i came up withABDL on board.pngABDL on board2.png
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BobbiSueEllen said:
Howzbouts "Baby Behind Wheel"? 🤭🥰
Basically I could do anything
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