baby girl wanting to be breast fed.

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so, I have been looking for someone to sit with me while daddy is at work and have no luck... I'm wanting someone to breast feed me too. I wasn't breast fed as a child. Am I just wanting to regress even more? I don't understand it. Should my Daddy be looking for a Mommy for me as well? I seems impossible to have that feminine relationship while with Daddy. I love my Daddy but feel that those desires aren't being met. So confused!
If you haven't already, this is something to discuss with your daddy. Bringing a third person into the situation is something both of you need to be comfortable with. If you agree it's a good idea, and establish what exactly your relationship with the new person would be, then you could move forward with looking for a mommy. Of course, she would have to be comfortable with the situation and boundaries as well.
If he's OK with it, maybe he could use an at-breast supplementer to breastfeed you. It's a device often used by adoptive moms or moms with low milk supply, that allows them to feed formula to baby while in a nursing position.
Thank you for the suggestions and Daddy does know about this. Honestly I want the real thing. Ultimately it comes down to be wanting to be regressed and treated like a baby. Even if it's only for a few hours one day a week. Maybe i'm living in a fantasy world or maybe it's my depression wanting to keep me from facing the fact that I am an adult and just need to grow up. I do know I hate the stress that comes with being an adult. I hate responsibility and I carry so much on my shoulders some days I feel like I'm going to break my back. Daddy isn't really good about keeping me in my baby role at home. Adult stuff always comes up and then I get left to take care of myself. He's still in the house but still so distant. Life gets too overwhelming. I don't work, i'm on disability and even though those things help I still can't face the real world.
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