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When it comes to baby food, if you're buying store-bought I recommend spending the extra fifty cents (or however much it is where you are) to get whatever the higher-end one is. There's not a spectacular difference at first, but you'll notice the brand name ones tend to be a little better for texture and there's a certain... dullness, almost(?) in some store-brand foods that brand names tend to lack. I still recommend homemade first, though. A tip: frozen raspberries with a few drops of water (and I mean literally, drops) or orange juice in the blender makes a wonderful kind of sorbet for a healthy treat.

Hi sis I hear.

I gerrting to like having baddy food. But it has to be nice. So when I am shopping with Daddy we spend some time looking at the different types. As when I first tryed baby food it was like cold slim. I really did not like it. Daddy have fun by telling me I hat to eat my dinner all up like a good boy and it was me how choice to have baddy food. But he was only teasing me. Becouse he could see that I did not like it.

So I think you are right it is best to go for the need more expensive ones.

We have a blender now so a lot of my dinners can go through that. and that is easier to fill bigger tummy like mine.

I must admit I don't have baby food or my food blended all the time. It depends what mood I'm in. And sometime we have pizza with doesn't bleand too well.

Any way hope tis is help full



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Just bought baby food after a long pause of eating it.
Usually I only buy the fruit/berry versions, but today I bought every flavor of the toddler food ones :O
These are like potato and beef and rice and chicken etc..

If you add a pinch of salt into them, they taste better :3 Babyfood has really little salt in it since it's not good for a baby. Us with bigger bodies though... we can eat a bit more salt!
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