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I purchased a play crib a while ago and I have been meaning to report on it.
1. I had him build a king-size (82 x 82") crib with two doors (one for me and the other for my dog who lives on the left side of the bed.
2. Because of the size, it took me a while to get it put together (I also failed initially to follow the numbers he put on the pieces and built and rebuilt it multiple times.
3. That being said I do not believe that it is convenient to put up and take down on a regular basis. I've just left it up (my housekeeper who comes in every other week said it was "cute" and I don't think she knows of my AB).
4. I have added bumper pads to one side stacked one on top of the other (the side and top pad between them are exactly the length of the crib's side.
5. It is much less expensive than the other cribs i have seen on the web.
6. Given all this, I would buy it again and a twin size one may be easier to build and take down then the super-size one I ordered.

I've attached 4 pictures of the crib in my bedroom.
Awesome! that looks way fun. One day in my future, I'm totally going to do this.
I liked that you included your dog in this. How does your dog like it? Our dog goes crazy when we invite her on our bed, running and digging and acting crazy, so she can't come up anymore. I hope your dog is better behaved.
She is a nine pound bichon and she lives on that side of the bed. She even lived there when my wife was alive. All she wants to do is be near me. I leave the door on her side open and she comes and goes as she pleases. At this point I'm not sure who owns who, It is probably a symbiotic relationship. I walk her, feed her and cuddle her and she loves me.
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