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Aye up

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  1. Carer
Gd eve all, nice to meet you all. My names Kris, use another similar site, just found this one and thought i'd have a gander. :cool:
Welcome Kris! Gander all you want and hopefully make a comment or two along the way! What kind of music do you like?
Welcome Kris! I am new here too and have already found lots of good information. Hopefully your experience is similar.
Welcome to ADISC, Kris!
Please take a few minutes to elaborate about yourself. Include some hobbies or interests you have, which diapers you prefer and why you've come to ADISC. We like to learn more about people when they join.

Hope to see you around,
Welcome to ADISC Kristophorus. Could you share some more about yourself? For example, TV shows you enjoy, books you like to read, favorite music, why you decided to join up here, ect.
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