Awww So Cute PJs and Onesies--Reviews?

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Hi all,

Long time no post. I'm thinking about getting a pair of the Aww So Cute dino pjs once the Mediums come back in stock, but I don't want to waste my $$ if it's not a good product--has anyone tried them out? Are they any good? What about the onesies?
I haven't tried the onesies, but the dino footie pjs are pretty cool. They are definitely comfortable and they fit me just fine (I'm a 5'9" 138 slim guy with a 31" waist and broad shoulders for my size.) I got the size medium and they are pretty much just right, although if my diaper is SUPER thick they can be a little snug on the shoulders. Nothing unbearable though. Be forewarned they do not have pockets and the soles don't have any grip to them, so those are both negatives. But if you're looking for comfy warm pjs, they are pretty good quality. And the snaps going up the legs make for easy changes while staying warm, though they can be a pain to button back up on your own if you're not flexible. As for durability, I haven't worn them very many times (I don't often get the opportunity to get padded let alone get fully dressed up) so I can't speak on that note. they've only been washed once and the shrinkage wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I think that's what contributed to the snugness on the shoulders, but that's only with a REALLY thick diaper. A slim or medium diaper shouldn't present a problem at all unless they swell up significantly after use.

The only other footie pajamas I own are some really cheap fox footed ones that I'm too tall to wear, so it's an obvious comparison which I like more. But having never compared the dino footies to some quality pjs, I really can't say if it's worth the cost or not. If they had pockets and better grips on the soles it'd be a no-brainer, but without those I'm iffy about giving these a 5/5. Maybe a 4-4.5/5.
Thanks for the intel! Can't wait until they come out!
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