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Does anyone have any experience with the aww so cute paci's? I'm thinking about buying one, but I'd like to know people's thoughts before I spend my money on one. :scratchchin: Or I may buy one from inner child.
I need a pacifier too. One that'll fit my big mouth :)
I have one and it is a good size for me and I enjoy it. I got it cheap, too, when they had 40% off recently. Be aware that it shows up as Aww So Cute on your cc bill, so if that is a problem, don't buy from them.
I have one, and it has like two thing about it that are funny, but it is actually my preference for what pacifier I like to suckered on. Plus it is a good price.

Of the funny things, some people are bothered about how you can kinda feel the edge from the rubber seem on the nipple, I don't mind it much. Second is that sometimes the nipple doesn't get placed into the guard quite right so it is just slightly twisted, which causes the guard to be slightly twisted on my mouth. Personally I don't mind it too much, if it costed more I would, but it was worth it for the price.
A good place to buy pacifiers is at Pacifiers r Us dot com (without the spaces of course). They have a good selection of guards and use the NUK larger pacifiers (NUK 4, 5 and NUK 7) in both latex and silicon. I have purchased my about a dozen pacifiers from them, and have been very pleased with their service. Also, they have monthly sale specials that vary from month to month.
My favorites are the disney 27 line as they have larger guards that are more suitable for an adult mouth than the other lines of guards they have. They also have a line of 2 pacifiers that have even larger guards, but I don't have any of those. 27B is my favorite as it is the largest guard in the 27 line.
I love my pacifier I have a nuk 5
@blondiewolf, this is the first I've heard of there being pacifiers bigger than a NUK 5, and boy am I glad about that. Even as a manlet, the NUK 5 feels too small for my mouth; I like it well enough but it doesn't stay in place unless I'm actively working at it, which is pretty much the opposite of what I'd want a pacifier for.
ASC are definitely worth the money, especially on special. You can fix the bad fitment yourself by really yanking the ring out of the shield. Theyre not great if you have a super big mouth, but are worlds better than a baby dummy.

Also theyre made of a really nice soft silicone, which is as flexible as latex. The shield itself is the exact same size as the Nuk 5 official shield. Parts are also interchangeable with Nuk latex dummies, so you can change the ring and insert colour if you like. With the discount, theyre just so cheap its hard to go wrong. :)

Having said all that though I personally have a Babypants shield with a Pacifiersrus Teat 7. Imo its the best fit for a big mouth, but also an expensive sucker to build. :)
I bought two ASCs. They are big and soft. At first I did not like that the air presses out and nipple goes kinda flat, but I've gotten used to ir and believe it is better for my teeth that way. Also i only wanted clear silicone and no rubber so I had fewer choices where a lot of companies sell the yellow teats.
I love my ASC pacifier. I was concerned that I would not be able to use it because I have a major gag reflex, but it is not an issue.
Thanks guys, I'll deff look into them!!
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