AWW so cute - are they any good?

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Hey so I just ordered some footie pajamas from Awwsocute, has anyone bought anything from them? Was it well made, or was it suck? I wanna know what to expect :p
I got one of their diapers as part of a sample pack a while ago. They were "ok". Cute, but not the best made I've ever tried. To me, they were overpriced for what you get. I haven't tried their clothes or other products though.
I'd be more inclined toward their products if their shipping wasn't so high. I don't like their onesies, as they are too narrow at the crotch, but the diapers are okay. I'd rate them as nearly on par with baseline Bambinos, although the bears on their print are sort of an acquired taste.
I ordered an xsmall, because I'm really skinny. I weigh between 110-120 Ib. ^\\\^
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