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So my mom (real biological mom. I don't have a caregiver)is actually a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant). Which means she has experience changing diapers on elderly folks who have no control medically and generally has experience taking care of them. With this happening, I feel really awkward around her while diapered because she knows about diapers and how to use them in the medical field. What can I do to make myself less awkward around her? What would you do if you were in this situation. Trust me I can't tell her. If she know, it will make the awkwardness worst in her eyes which would make it even worst for me! What do i do?
Why do you feel awkward? Are you afraid she will hear your diaper?
Yes! And more?
Well the simple answer is to not wear around her. If you must, then chances are she won't hear your padding. As for any smells, don't do #2 and try and keep #1 to a minimum. Drink lots of water to lessen the smell.
I've been cared for by several CNAs through the years. They have a very pragmatic view of adult diapers; at most, if she can tell you're wearing, she'll want to know why. Perhaps having a ready answer would make you feel less "awkward" if you're inclined to wear around her.
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