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So a few days ago I received an email from Northshore asking me to review a pair of briefs I never bought. Felt really confused but thought nothing of it since i don't have my card info saved on their site. 3 days later I received another email from them apologizing for the incorrect email and that my account was not compromised and, that there email system messed up and sent it to the wrong email abd gave me a coupon code of $5 for my next purchase.

Always been impressed by their customer service but as someone who works in the hospitality industry this is great! Most companies would not even send an apology email unless contacted about the error let alone give compensation for a mistake that didn't really effect the customer.

Just felt impressed enough that I wanted to share this.
I bought a really nice flashlight February 1 st and the company over charged me,so i cancelled the sale via customer service so that i could get it at the correct price- ever since then everytime i call to find out where my refund is,they screw up further by charging me again for the cancelled sale, how do you charge someone intead of refund them, i dont know but i give up and sicked Visa on them to get my money back,truly the worst customer service i have ever had, i dont even have the product and they have charged me over three hundred dollars for a $65 light pathetic.
Thats insane! At that point they should have refunded you and still shipped you one for majorly over charging you. At my hotel if we accidentally overcharge someone they are refunded what we overcharged them and give them points that they can use for a free night stay at any of our hotels. Thats how business should be done in these situations but sadly good customer service is a dying industry. I've been lucky enough to never had someone overcharge or double charge me.
I ordered Large ID Slip Expert Briefs from XP Medical and I got sent Mediums, they were pretty tight on my hips. So I sent them an email asking if I could send them back and get a large and XP Medical said keep the Mediums and they will send me Large, within two days I got the Large Briefs. I gotta say Xp Medical has probably the best customer service.
I bought from medical xp for a while but I like that Northshore always sends samples with every order so I normally order from them.
That's why I don't order from Northshore. This is one among several examples of them disregarding their customers' desire for privacy. They once mailed free samples of diapers to their customers without notice, they've emailed discount offers at random, once you visit their website their ads show up on other websites you visit, and one of their spokespeople insisted there was no substantial difference between printing "Northshore Care" on their packages instead of just "Northshore"

I haven't heard of any similar issues occurring with XP Medical
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