Avengers X-Men A+X #9 dare/diaper consequence ***SPOILERS

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Hi peeps,

So I was reading Marvels 2 story anthology A+X issue 9 today and the second story with Quentin Quire (QQ), Pixie, Eye-Boy and Dr Strange starts off with QQ in a bonnet from loosing a dare and progresses to a double or nothing situation of QQ having to also sport a diaper if he looses the next challenge.

The story was great (IMO) but unfortunately didn't wind up with QQ actually wearing a diaper....

Reason I bring this up (apart from the obvious with the esteemed community) is that we didn't have the standard disgust from all the characters involved when mentioning diapers so thought it was worthwhile sharing.

BTW comics wise I actually thought this would be the second time I was going to see an X-Man in a diaper the first being Kitty Pride (Shadowcat) way back at the start of Excalibur when Maddy became the Goblyn Queen.
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