Avenge Thy Fallen Brother


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Please note this is a work in progress and is mainly being written in part to help my depression. SO that being said, while I would like to improve my work and keep this going. PLEASE be constructive and kind. I don't need comments like "It's boring" or "It's been done before" blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.

This story is based around a picture I got that I fell in love with how it turned out and thought, this looks like it has a cool story surrounding it. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15940716/

I am also aware my descriptions lack in some areas and am working to improve. Also aware I need to pick up a thesaurus XD Thanks.

Avenge Thy Fallen Brother.

Chapter One:

I sat myself up against an old oak tree and stared out across the field, the cool afternoon summer breeze blowing gently through my fur. I scanned the field before I finally rested my gaze on a small wooden cross that was placed in front of a large boulder, surrounded by lilies. I sighed deeply before closing my eyes, putting my head down and whispering to myself “I’m so sorry my friend.” Calling him a friend was an understatement, he was more than that, he was also my rival through training, my teacher and I his, but most of all he was the brother I never had. It had been two years since his death, but it felt like it had only been days.

Forgiveness had always been something I have had trouble with letting myself have. I always saw being forgiving to those who wronged you as a sign of weakness. I felt undeserving of it for his death, at least not until I killed the man who murdered my brother. Finding him was not going to be easy; the land was vast with many tribes covering the span, most of which are enemies of ours. Suddenly I could hear yelling in the distance

“Faux! Faux!” Shouted a young grey wolf, running up the hillside, clad in black leather armor with a white trim, indicating his rank among the warriors, a longbow strapped firmly to his back.

My attention quickly turned to the out of breath warrior. It was one of my scouts named Renn “What news do you have?” I finally asked.

“Faux, he has been spotted down by the valley. I do not know how long he will remain, this could be your chance, and you must leave now if you wish to catch him.”

Without hesitation I leapt up and ran at full speed toward my home. The valley was a day’s journey at most if I took the shortcut through the territory of thieves. It was a cesspool of lowlife criminals, they had run the original settlers out, but no one really cared enough to go in and rid the area of the vermin. Or I could take the safer path and go around, but that would put me at least another day behind and even Renn said it himself, there was no guarantee that this murderous thug would still be there, then where would I be?

I finally reached my stone cottage; I practically kicked down the front door and made my way to the bedroom. I threw on my leather armor, pulling it tight, it was much like the armor Renn was wearing, black but mine with a blood red trim, two tribal paw prints decorated each shoulder and the sign of our tribe on the chest. I pulled my rapier off of the wall, the beautifully crafted hilt glimmering in the fresh moonlight. I grabbed a small pack from a shelf and went to the kitchen, shoving a loaf of bread into the pack as well as a small pouch of gold coin before tying off the end and throwing it over my shoulder as I headed out the door towards the stables.

I quickly moved through the night toward the horse stable at the center of town. Being as quiet as possible, I could not let anyone hear me, as it was against the tribe’s rules to go out alone. I slowly entered the stable, being careful not to spook any of the horses. I made my way down to the last stall at the end, where my horse await, a beautiful black stallion with a mane that glistened like silver in the night. I hoisted a saddle up over her back as she let out a long snort of disapproval.

“Shhh girl, I know it’s late, but we have to go.” I said as I stroked the side of her neck to calm her down. I opened the gate and threw one of my feet into a stirrup and then hoisted myself up onto the back of the horse, giving a small nudge to get her going. “One last stop to make.” I said to myself as I pointed the horse into the direction of the field, the horse now in full gallop out of my village.

I finally reached the meadow; I dismounted my horse and tied her off on the tree I had sat under earlier. I made my way toward the cross. I knelt down slowly beside it, not saying anything, the moonlight bathed over me, I could not fail this time, it was too important, and too much was at stake. Failure meant more than just death, it also meant dishonor and possibly war. I sat there remembering what had happened, all these thoughts raced through my mind and rage began to fill my body. My paw gripped the ground tightly, pulling up the grass, gritting my teeth I let out a low growl.

Slowly I stood up and made my way back to my horse, it was time for me to move. I set off, pushing the horse as hard as it could go. The cool nights air whipping at my face, the sweet scent of the flowery meadow. The only sounds were coming from the horse, hooves hitting the dirt each time with a loud thud, the heavy breathing from the horse. I could tell I was riding her to hard, time was of the essence, but there would be no point in continuing if I were to kill her by exhaustion this early in the journey. I knew of a small lake just ahead, I decided to stop and let my horse rest.

I came upon the lake; the moon was now just past the highest point in the sky. I dismounted and lead my horse to the edge of the water, as she drank I gazed out across the lake, my eyes finally stopping on my own reflection in the water, my own eyes staring back at me, the right as blue as the water, the left orange like the setting sun. It was something that always made me stand out in my tribe. As a child, I was made fun of for it. Making friends as a child was always difficult; being the only husky in my village was especially tough. I attribute most of my strength today of being able to overcome my differences as a child.

Time was finally catching up with me as I yawned, rubbed my eyes. I looked around for a suitable place to rest for the remainder of the evening. I grabbed a small blanket off the back of my horse and rolled it up making a crude pillow. I laid it by a small rock and laid down resting my head. I stared up at the nights sky, the stars shining down as I drifted off to sleep.

“Ready to go?” asked a tall but muscular looking german shepherd, his all black fur making him almost invisible to the background of the night. He was wearing the same set of leather armor I wore and carried a double broad sword, which he kept strapped to his back. His name was Irvine, he was my brother in arms. There was a moment of silence before I finally spoke as we sat on the edge of enemy territory known as Blackwater. It was a large town built upon a lake that had been so polluted by waste that it could no long sustain life. The water had lost its bluish hue and was now literally black.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” I replied nervously, my voice shaking slightly. I was unsure about this whole thing, nothing felt right. We had done this plenty of times in the past, why was I so nervous now?

“Poor pup” He chuckled “If you’re not up to this let me know, we can turn back, it’s not too late.” He said while looking me up and down.

“I uhh…..” I stammered before he cut me off

“Look, just remember what this guy took from you, from us. He stole from us, made us look like fools and he needs to pay.”

“You’re right, he needs to learn not to mess with the likes of us!” I said confidently, gripping the hilt of my rapier tightly. Irvine put his paw on my shoulder, his dark yellow eyes staring deeply into mine, he smiled.

“I’ve got your back.” He whispered into my ear.

“And I yours.”

We both turned and set off toward the dimly lit town. As we drew nearer, we slowed our pace as to not make as much noise to avoid detection.

“Alright, follow me from here.” Said Irvine quietly, I gave a nod of approval as
I followed him through the dark alley ways. I tried my best to remember every twist and turn; it felt more like a maze than a town. Luck was on our side, not a single soul was roaming the streets. At last we reached a large manor on the other end of town, it was covered in moss, two oil lamps burned on either side of a large wooden door decorated with iron rivets, a brass ring handle on the right side. No other light emitted from the manor, it looked as if no one was even there. Cautiously we approached the door each drawing our swords from their scabbards.

Irvine stepped up to the door and pushed on it as it slowly moved forward with a loud creak. Slowly he put one foot inside, sword at the ready. Out of nowhere I was grabbed from behind and drug back, a large paw covered my muzzle. I watched helplessly as Irvine disappeared into the large building, the door closing behind him with a thud and the sound of tumblers from a lock being turned. I looked at the manor which was now fully lit up on the inside.
I struggled free of the paw covering my muzzle and bit down as hard as I could “IRVINE!” I shouted as I felt a sharp sting in my back as my attacker shoved a dagger into my skin.

“ARRRGHHH!!!” I shouted as I shot straight up in a cold sweat. Panting deeply I looked around, it was dawn, I was by the lake still, my horse now awake staring at me with a puzzled look. ‘It was only a dream’ I thought to myself.


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Very descrip. I'm not a writer but enjoyed your imagery and diversion from the harder things in your life. Good luck and look forward to more!


Painting word pictures with grammar and vocabulary that don't make my brain hurt.....

I may just stick with this story because of that. I'm not a fur, but I'm also not above a good fantasy story. Here's to hoping that plotline, continuity, and finish can continue this promising start.

Minor issue: Watch your tenses. First person present vs. past. Sometimes warranted, but I think you slipped a couple times.


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Chapter 2:

The sun was starting to peak over the mountain tops, the morning was cool, but warming up quickly. I was only a few hours out from the thieves’ territory and should be able to reach the valley by nightfall as long as I didn’t run into any trouble along the way. Before setting off I took the bread I had packed and broke it in half, placing the other half back in the pack; I ate quickly, dusting off the crumbs. I loaded up my horse and was off again.

I rode until I came to a cobble stone pathway that split off in 3 directions, an old wooden post sat on the edge with three wooden boards each with a direction, the top read North a small crudely etched arrow pointing straight ahead, the middle read East, pointing down the right path and the final board pointed left, it read West. I looked towards the mountains to the North, the air started to become more humid, a storm was on its way. I nudged my horse down the northern path. I was entering enemy territory from this point on I had to be on my guard.

I continued slowly along, the wind was starting to pick up; the sky was turning dark, the low rumble of thunder in the distance echoed across the land. A few moments later I felt a rain drop hit my nose, then another. Soon there was a light downfall of water falling from the sky. Every now and then I would shake my head to keep the water from collecting and matting my fur to my face. Suddenly I sensed something, I pinned my ears back and dismounted my horse. Off in the distance I could see three figures approaching at a quick pace, before I knew it they were upon me. Hyena’s, they each stood about five feet tall, walked with a slouch. They all were wearing tattered brown shirts; leather pauldrons covered their shoulders, large scimitars on their hips.

“Well well, what do we have here?” Snapped the stranger in the middle, shooting glances to his partners. “A little far from home are we canine.” The other two snickered at his remarks. I remained silent, gripping the handle of my sword as I eyed each one of them up and down. “Cat got your tongue, dog?”

“I am not looking for trouble; now please remove yourself from my path.” I said calmly.

“Hear that boys? He says he ain’t looking for trouble and he sounds pretty serious to me.” Cackled the middle one.

“Hehe and Boss don’t forget he did say please.” Replied the hyena on the left while crossing his arms.

“You know what you’re right, he did say please and you wanna know what I say to that?” Pausing as if to wait for a response from his colleagues. “I say give us everything or…..how should I say this?” He said shrugging “You die!” The other two just laughed.

“You really don’t want to do this.” I said as I slowly pulled my sword from its scabbard. Rain still lightly falling, a bolt of lightning flashed behind me, a loud clap of thunder following closely behind making my horse retreat to cover under a nearby oak tree.

The hyena on the right finally spoke. “Hey moron, there are three of us and only one of you.”

My sword was now drawn and at my side, I smirked at the three strangers that stood in my path as I took my stance. Rain water ran down the blade of my sword and down my arm. The hyenas were no longer laughing and now each had swords drawn as they started to spread out around me. I was now surrounded on all sides.

“WE TRIED TO WARN YOU KID!” Screamed the one behind me as he ran full speed at me with his scimitar raised to attack. I quickly ducked down right as he swung his sword downward, lifting him up and over me making him land flat on his back with a thud. The hyena to my right made his move, coming at me just as the first did, full force, dragging his scimitar along the wet ground, it scrapped along the rocks with a chilling sound. I stepped back just in time to watch the sharp edge of the sword go past my face, making out my reflection in the polished metal. With one quick motion I grabbed the hyena by his scruff and with all my force, put my knee into his chest. He let out a sputtering cough as all air was knocked out of his lungs.

The first attacker, rolled over and picked himself up off the ground, covered in mud he picked up his sword and lunged at my chest. I swiftly turned my body to the right; I watched the sword is slow motion pass right by my body. I decided I had had enough toying with them, one smooth swipe of my rapier I took the hyenas paw off. Blood spurted from the freshly given amputation; his sword fell to the ground the metal clanged against the rocks. The hyena dropped to his knees screaming out in pain

“YOU BASTARD!” He bellowed.

The other hyena still lying motionless on the ground groaned and coughed, still unable to recover from the blow he received. Before I could think, I found myself thrusting my sword through the back of his skull, giving it one final twist before pulling it back out and placing it back in position at my side, the rain and blood mixing on my sword an dripping off into a puddle on the ground.

By this point the hyena that had just lost his paw scurried behind the final one standing in front of me. Their leader stared at me with great intensity, his tail swayed side to side behind him as he contemplated his next move.

“You’re tougher than I thought.” He finally spoke, pointing his sword in my direction. I stood there in silence. He inched closer to me, starting to side step making a circle around me, looking for any weak point I might have. I followed his every move, soon just making slow circles around the path, slowly getting closer and closer together. There was another bright flash of lightning and an immediate clap of thunder that drowned out the sounds of both of our blades finally meeting. We stared into each other’s eyes, as our blades slid along each other until we were shoulder to shoulder. We pushed each other away and paused. We both expected the other to make the first move. His impatience grew.

“Come on!” He shouted, taking a swing with his blade. My metal met his with a loud clash. He pulled back his blade for another strike, swing at me from the side. I jumped back and swung back, just barely missing his arm. He turned his blade and reversed the direction of his swing moving forward. As fast as I could I placed my blade in position and blocked his strike. I saw my opportunity to strike; I punched him in the face to daze him and slashed in a downward angle right to left. My blade made contact with his pauldron and down his chest. He fell to his knees then landed flat into the middle of the pathway, motionless as blood began to seep out from under his body. I stood in the same position for a moment before finally returning upright. I flicked my sword to the right, and then returned it to its scabbard. I closed my eyes and turned my head toward the sky, letting the rain fall over me, taking a deep breath I turned my attention to my final attacker.

The hyena missing a paw was on his knees clutching his arm that was still bleeding at an alarming rate, staring at me with a look of pure fear. I reached down to the freshly fallen body on the ground and ripped off a long strip of the shirt. I approached the hyena; he fell back and started to try to get away, feet kicking at the wet ground. I knelt down next to him grabbing his bleeding arm as I tied the cloth around it making a tourniquet. I spoke calmly to him

“You need to find a blacksmith; they can stop the bleeding, and then find a doctor.” I stood up and whistled for my horse that came running to my side.

“You’re just going to leave me here?” The hyena spat out.

“You have made your choices, now you must live with the consequences.” I shot back as I mounted my horse and set off again. After I had gotten some distance away I could hear him shouting from behind.

“You’ll pay for this! Mark my words, you will pay!”

Part of me knew that leaving him alive was a bad idea, but my mind was in too many places to think that he would be causing me anymore trouble and then again maybe I was just being paranoid.

The rain continued to fall; I was close to town and would be able to rest for a while before venturing into the valley to confront the man who took everything from me. I rode for what seemed like hours, in the distance I could see lanterns burning. I slowly entered through a giant iron gate, a wooden sign to the side read “Bandits Only.” I was tired, my muscles ached. My grip on the reins was starting to become weak. The buildings were old, the wood rotting. Few were roaming the streets, those who were watched me carefully as I rode by. I could feel their gaze, though I could not blame them. They knew I was an outsider and outsiders were generally not trusted.

About halfway into town I noticed an old sign hanging off a building “The Half Moon Inn” it read, the sign barely hanging on by a rusting chain. I decided this would probably be the best place to dry off, get some rest and maybe a hot meal before hitting the road again. I dismounted my horse and tied her off to a post. I walked up to the door and took a deep breath before pushing it open. The inside was dimly lit and smelled musty. A fire pit sat in the middle of the room surrounded by a few tables and chairs. No one paid any mind to my appearance as I made my way to a lone inn keeper stationed at the bar, a skinny calico cat wearing a gypsy tunic and gold jewelry lining her arms, her amber eyes watched me closely as I crossed the room, finally taking a seat on one of the open stools. She placed a paw on the counter a spoke.

“Can I help you?” She asked with a sarcastic tone to her voice.

“I am in need of a room and food.” I replied, dropping two gold coins on the counter. The cat eyed the gold pieces for a moment.

“That will cover half of it.”
I sighed impatiently as I pulled two more coins from my pouch and tossed them onto the countertop. The cat collected the coin and hid it away inside of her tunic.

“I shall return momentarily.” She said dragging her claws across the wood then disappearing through a curtain to the back.

I turned around on my stool and studied the room. A table of three coyotes sat in the far right corner talking amongst their selves, every now and again shooting glances over at me. Another table a passed out hyena sat alone, part of me wondered if he knew the three I ran into on the road in. A table near the fire sat two mangy looking canines. Finally on the far left side of the room someone caught my eye, a dragon, his scales as black as the night’s sky, white tribal markings covered his body and tail, large wings on his back. He sat sharpening a long curved dagger.

“Here you are dearie” said the soft cat voice behind me.

I turned around just as she placed a key and a decently sized plate in front of me filled with steaming hot beef, mashed potatoes, and a small pile of cooked carrots. It was a lot more than I expected.

“Thank you.” I said as I started to dig in.

“Very welcome lovely.” She replied.

“By the way my name is Faux Pas, but most of my friends just call me Faux. I don’t think I caught your name.”

She laughed a little “My, what a peculiar name, but I like it. My name is Elsie, but most of my friends call me Elsie.”

I returned a laugh. “Are you the owner of this fine building?” I questioned with genuine curiosity.

“More or less.” She shrugged.

“So it’s safe to say you have been here for a while?”

“What are you after?” She questioned as she leaned against the counter, putting her head on her paw.

“I am looking for someone in the valley, a white tiger who goes by the name of Raven. Have you heard of him?”

“Sure, everyone here has. What’s your interest in him?”

“It’s personal.” I replied.

“Well then I am afraid I cannot help you.”

“Thanks anyway” I said as I pushed the empty plate away from me, grabbing the key off the counter and headed toward my room.

“A word of advice.” Said Elsie, making me stop walking. “ Personal is a good way to get yourself killed.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said as I continued walking.

I found my room on the second floor, tucked away into a small corner of the inn. I opened the door and examined the room. There was a small hay covered bed with a deer pelt on top, a table with an unlit oil lamp and book of matches, and a large flat topped chest on the floor, a small key sat in the lock. I removed my sword and armor and placed them on top of the chest, then trudged my way over to the bed and flopped down falling asleep almost immediately.

“AGAIN!” Demanded a tall, slender manned wolf.

I slowly picked myself up off the ground and brushed the dirt out of my fur, still clutching the wooden sword in my paw. “Yes Master!” I replied, taking stance at the opponent across from me. “I’ve got you this time Irvine.” A young german shepherd, about 15 years old, stood before me, a wooden training sword gripped tightly in his paws.

“Tell you what, I’ll give you a chance to beat me this time, I’ll give you the first four strikes. Sound fair?”

I swung my sword at his, which he blocked with ease. I pulled back and took another strike at his opposite side, blocked again. I took my two final swings then felt a sharp pain in my face as his sword met my muzzle, knocking me back to the ground. I laid there for a moment in pain, spitting blood out onto the ground.

“Damn it!” I shouted, punching the ground with my fist.

“Faux, you are impatient and that is your weakness. He knows this and that is why he allows you to attack first, you must force him to make the first move, then you must find his weakness and use it against him.”

“But Master, how do I find his weakness?” I asked.

“If I were to tell you that, I would not be a very good teacher, would I?” He chuckled. “Now, again.”

I put my sword to the ground and used it to hoist myself back up on my feet. ‘How was I supposed to get him to make the first move?’ I thought to myself.
I looked Irvine straight in the eye and wiped the blood off my face, staining my white fur a light red color. I put my sword at my side and just stood there, staring down my foe, the only thing I could think of was to wait him out.

“Your strategy is to bore me to death?” Asked Irvine mockingly. “Alright then, have it your way.” He said as he took a step forward swinging his sword at my torso.

I blocked his hit and his next one, but they just kept coming, blow after blow. Slowly I was being backed into a corner, I needed to make a move or risk losing again. On his next swing I blocked, made a forceful push back knocking him off guard and swung making contact with his left arm. I made the mistake of thinking I had beaten him finally as I felt the wood of his sword whack me up the side of my head. I fell to the ground dropping my sword in pain, I clutched my face, pulling my paw away expecting to see blood, but to my relief there was none. I went back to holding the spot just below my ear where I had just been hit. I stared at the ground, still dazed as tears began to fill my eyes. I did my best to hold them back. A black paw appeared in front of me, I looked up to see Irvine, arm outstretched.

“Come on bud.” He said.

I reached out and grabbed his paw; he helped me to my feet. He put his arm around me and we walked back together.
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Chapter 3:

I was awoken by a loud knock at the door. Groggily I got up from the bed and made my way over to the door. I cautiously opened it just enough to peer out, keeping my weight into the door as to not have anyone bust their way in.

“What the hell are you doing here!?!” I muttered angrily as I opened the door the rest of the way.

“I’m sorry, I just thought you could use someone to back you up?” replied Renn.

I looked down the hallway and back at Renn. “Get your tail in here.” I snapped.
Renn quickly stepped inside and I shut the door behind him.

“Thanks” He said. “To be honest this area scares me a little.”

I glared at him “You should not have come here, it’s too dangerous and you should leave now.”

“No way! I’m not going anywhere.”
I sat on the bed and sighed “I don’t need your help, you’re not coming with me and above all you will not follow me, are we clear?” I demanded

“Bu…” he stammered before I cut him off

“I said are we clear!?!” I yelled as I stood up grabbing my armor off the chest and strapping it on, next throwing my sword around my waist.

“Yes sir.” He replied, looking down in a defeated manner.

I put my paw on his shoulder and looked down at him then turned and walked out the door. I walked downstairs, a few had gone. Elsie was still tending to the bar; the dragon sat watching me. The window next to him indicated that it was still night, I had only been out a couple hours at most, tonight was the night. I headed to the door and stepped outside, the moonlight shined down from the sky, the night was clear. I untied my horse on climbed up on her back setting off full speed toward the back exit of the town. Passing through another large iron gate and into a dark wooded area onto a muddy path; the light vanished behind me until I was surrounded by nothing but trees and rocks. The path started to incline and was becoming rockier as I continued. My horse was having difficulty making the climb up. I decided at this point it would be best to move on foot.

I trudged up the mountain side maneuvering around large boulders, the trees started to thin out as I got higher up, the air got thicker, breathing was becoming more difficult. The incline finally started to taper off and I reached the summit. I gazed across the land and down into the valley below, from here on it was all downhill.

Down below I could see light from a campfire; I carefully found a foothold and put my weight down into it. There was a large crack and the foothold gave way, I started to slip downward, then I felt something grab the back of my armor and pull. I fell backward on the hard rocky ground, heart racing as I turned around to see Renn standing there, a large grin across his face.

“I thought I told you to stay behind?” I said as my heart and breathing returned to normal.

“If I had stayed behind, you would be at the bottom of this mountain, smashed against a rock.” Renn replied sarcastically.

There was no way around it, he had a point. “Thanks” I said.

“Look, I know you don’t want me here, you don’t want to be responsible for my safety. I get and respect that, but you need my help. Raven’s got a lot of guys down there, more than you can handle and they are a lot tougher than the hyena’s you faced coming here. I know it’s hard for you after what happened, but you don’t need to worry about me, I can take care of myself.”

I looked up from the ground “Alright, let’s do this together.” I said turning back toward the valley, searching for a safe path down.

“Good, follow me, I know how to get down and we can sneak up on them and take them out quietly.” Renn said as he started to move across the ledge. I followed closely behind until we came to a small area that was less steep than the rest. We made our way down the side of the mountain, being careful of every step we took. Rocks rolled beneath our feet as we slipped and slid. Just as coming up, the ground finally began to level. The area was flat; a small river ran down from the East.

“We need to follow the river, we will come up along the camp in no time.” Renn whispered to me.

I nodded and motioned for him to continue on as I followed behind. Moments later he came to a complete stop raising one paw, bringing me to a stop as well. He took his bow off his back along with a single arrow from the quiver. He carefully placed the arrow onto the bow and readied it on the string. I sat in silence, I could hear nothing other than the running river besides us, and then out of the darkness a lone fox appeared. He made his way to the edge of the river and bent down filling a small canteen. Renn pulled the arrow back and took aim. The arrow left his bow and disappeared into the darkness. The fox fell face first into the river. Renn motioned to move forward again, we made our way past the fallen fox and to the edge of the camp. Renn reached down and took a dagger that was strapped to his leg and handed it to me.

“Take this; take out as many of them as you can as quietly as you can. I’m going to go around the back and I’ll meet you in the middle” Renn whispered.

“Good luck.” I whispered back, grabbing the dagger from him.

Renn nodded, turned and ran off crouching low to the ground. I turned and went the opposite direction. I passed tent after tent, until I came up against a tree. I stopped; I could hear footsteps in the grass just behind the tree. I got low to the ground and waited, the steps got closer, a wolf walked by patrolling the area, just as he passed, I stood up behind him, wrapping my paw around his muzzle and shoving the dagger into his back. He dropped to his knees and I slowly laid his lifeless body into the grass.

I made my way between two tents and into the camp; I didn’t see anyone around and moved forward and to the right running face to face with a tall hyena. Without hesitation I took the dagger and slashed at his throat. He grabbed my arm and twisted, forcing me to drop the dagger to the ground. I broke loose from his grip and lunged forward at him tackling him to the ground. We rolled around in the dirt each trying to gain the upper hand. I finally got on top, freed my paw and punched him twice in the face knocking him out. I removed his sword and belt, flipped him over and tied his arms behind his back, throwing his sword out into the tall grass just behind a tent. I went and retrieved my dagger and made rounds through each of the tents.
To my surprise most of the tents were empty and I had still not come across Raven. After going through the last tent and removing anyone who might interfere, I went to find Renn. I stepped out of the tent and there in front of me stood a white tiger. His eyes were dark blue; he wore a leather armor set that spiked out on the shoulders and held a large sabre.
He looked at me and laughed.

“I hear you have been looking for me?” Raven said. I didn’t answer. “Well here I am.”

His sword was already drawn and pointing in my direction, I slowly drew mine out just as four guys appeared on either side of Raven. I was greatly outnumbered, I didn’t stand a chance, but I didn’t care. The rage was building inside of me, all I wanted was to make Raven pay for what he had done.
Raven’s thugs started to advance toward me; I took stance, ready for them. Then out of nowhere two of them dropped to the ground, arrows protruding from their backs. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked around to see where the shots could have come from, out of the darkness two more arrows took down two more of Raven’s men. I used the opportunity of them being distracted to put my sword through the nearest ones back, kicking him off my blade and to the ground.

Renn came charging in from behind the fire in the middle of the camp, sword in hand and started to engage the three men left over, it was down to me and Raven. We both advanced toward each other and met in the middle. I lifted my blade and swung with as much force as I could, which was blocked with ease. Raven punched me in the gut, my armor absorbed some of the blow, he grabbed me by my neck and lifted me up, and he turned and threw me across the camp, I landed next to the fire coughing. I could see Raven approaching my out of the corner of my eye, acting quickly I grabbed a flaming piece of wood out of the fire, attempting to strike him with it.
Raven knocked the wood out of my paw with his sword; it went flying across the camp onto one of the tents. We both watched as it went up in flames. I quickly got up off the ground just as Raven’s blade came crashing down, hitting the ground with a loud thud. I could still see Renn battling away behind us. He had taken care of one of the men, who now lay bleeding on the ground. I turned my attention back to Raven. Our swords clashed together over and over, each time creating sparks. Then the unthinkable happened. I watched as the two coyotes overwhelmed Renn, disarming him and then pinning him to the ground.

I lost my concentration and Raven took advantage of it as I felt his blade go across my arm. I dropped my blade, yelling out in pain. Raven knocked my sword out of reach and I dropped to my knees, blood ran down my arm. The fire had spread behind us; the two coyotes had Renn tied up and were now trying to put out the fire. I looked back at Raven; he rested his blade upon my shoulder and grinned. The light of the flames danced around us, Raven got down close to me and whispered into my ear.

“You should have stayed home, now look what you have done, you have gotten another one of your brothers killed as well as yourself.”

As fast as I could I grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into his face, I tucked and rolled to the side grabbing my sword off the ground his sword coming down blindly at me, catching the back of my leg. I struggled to stand up, the cut to my leg wasn’t bad, but it was difficult to put weight onto it. I raised my sword and met Raven’s in midair. Both my wounds continued to bleed. I started to become lightheaded. Raven struck my chest with his blade knocking me onto my back and taking a decent chunk out of my armor. Raven towered over me and put his sabre into my shoulder shoving down with enough force to penetrate my armor. I screamed out in pain and then blacked out.

I struck the attacker behind me with my elbow, turning around and shoving my blade into his chest. I pulled the dagger from my back and threw it on the ground. Turning back to the house, I ran up to the front door and tried to open it. The door didn’t budge; I put all my weight into it, ramming the door with my shoulder, but to no avail. I needed to find another way in. I looked around; the windows were all covered with iron bars. I ran around the side of the house searching for an entrance. The brush was thick along the sides; I saw a small cellar door. A chain went through the handles and a brass lock connected them, but the hinges were rusting and barely hanging on. With the butt of my sword I smashed the hinges, they crumbled into dust. Lifting the wooden door and tossing it to the side I made my way into the cellar of the manor.