Autistic toddler still wearing pull-ups training pants


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I was aged three, I was diagnosed with my former neurophysiological to found that children with autism spectrum disorder since in 90’s. I have autistic because I am learning slowly to how to potty train. I made me overwhelmed after I doesn’t like sit on toilet are cold seat to cause my sensory problems. I am continuing wear Huggies pull-ups training pants as diapers. I can pee in my training pants, but already leaked because my bladder was ignoring and emptying bowel. I was aged four, I don’t like clothing briefs make me accidents and I sit on toilet for 30 to 45 minutes after I am unsuccessful for potty trained are still very slow. Not very easy to learn due autistic cause of cerebral complex seems weak functioning in my brain. After I was successful for potty training at age five and I am not learning anything nothing. Training pants as toddler incontinence, but I don’t know how to potty training.
I was 6 and still in pullups during the day because of my autism and speech delay caused by a cleft palate. I was in pullups day and night until I was 7. I was put back in pullups at night when I was 9 for bedwetting.