Autism: How/where do you get tested?


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Talked with a psychiatrist for the first time about ABDL stuff, and at the end I asked her about autism and she said it would be a good idea to get tested for it. I've always felt like something was a bit off and looking back and reading up on diagnosis sheets, a lot of things align, and many still do today. That coupled with taking multiple independent online tests and them all coming back strong positives for autism/aspergers makes me want to get a professional diagnosis.

For the ABDLs out there who got professionally tested, where would I go to get a test? Searching my area doesn't really come up for anything conclusive, that being San Antonio, TX, or the surrounding areas.



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The psychiatrist you talked to could test you for autism, but you can also get tested by a psychologist or neuropsychologist. A comprehensive neuropsychological exam will probably set you back about $2500. Since you are in the San Antonio area, you should contact your local Texas Workforce Commission office, and you want to speak with someone in the Vocational Rehabilitation department, that is the way I received my diagnosis. I didn't have to pay anything because I was under the poverty line when I got tested. Tell them you want to get tested because you are having issues at work, and you want to be able to receive a reasonable accommodation to be able to perform your job. You can find your local office at the link I posted below. If you are being tested for autism, you might also consider being tested for ADHD and dyspraxia(if applicable)