Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#655

Adult Baby, Babyfur, Incontinent
11:24 PM on a Tuesday.
I did have a very wet runny poo-poo in my diaper this afternoon.
The worst type, because the poop goes everywhere.
It is not easy to clean up, giving my limited lower body mobility due to my Cerebral Palsy.
Whenever I poop in my diaper, I really do feel like I am just a baby.
Babies can not control their poo-poo in any way whatsoever.
They just let it all out with no holding back.
I do too.
I will note, that as an "Adult Baby", I take care of emptying out my own diaper pail of all my own wet and poopy diapers and I take them out to the dumpster.
One needs to be considerate of others.
Well, it is late at night and slowly, I am getting ready for bed in a short time.
Tomorrow I will be taken out to the Bank, and then the Walmart for a "big" grocery shopping trip, along with a stop at the Dollar Tree Discount Store too.
I will get myself a crib toy at Walmart for my "Adult Baby Space" here at home in my bedroom.
I will also purchase another baby bottle too.
I am rebuilding my "Adult Baby Space" slowly over time.