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Hey Aussie Peoples,
I haven't posted recently due to a few personal issues.

I would like to bring up the topic of buying Adult Nappies at supermarkets and Chemists. I only have ever seen the Pullup kind of nappy available.

My first "Adult" purchase was Depend Real fit at a local IGA. I don't really like the Depend real fit, they don't have leak guards!!! The also don't feel very comfortable. :frown:

My second Adult purchase was Molicare Mobile Super at Chemist Warehouse , I like these ones, they are like an adult version of the Baby love Sleepy night which I have previously talked about. :D

I have also seen Tena Brand is also available, I haven't looked that hard into Tena when in the store, but I have noticed that I can't see the Tena Slip variety anywhere. I have looked online and I can only find them at Amcal Chemists.
Does any one know if there are any other "Tabbed" nappies out there for Adults that are available in a store??
I'm trying to avoid buying online sure to my family situation.
Also, do any of you have any feedback about the Tena Slip range? (i.e: how they perform and feel?)
Cheers, AKOL
Where abouts in Australia mate?
And do you have access to a car?
Hi AKOL, I am an online ABDL eBay Seller in Brisbane.

I also offer local pickup for all items. But there is a completely free service which most people are not aware of called Parcel Lockers.

Parcel lockers allow you to pick up your parcel from a designated location, independent of your home address. They are located all over Australia now. Even if your parcel is too large to fit in the lockers, the postal staff will just leave a card for you to pick up inside the post office. I have dozens of customers who use this excellent service now to safely and discreetly receive their packages.

I hope you find this information helpful!! Good luck and happy shopping!
If you can get Abena products they will be better then over the counter diapers, if your local stores do not carry premium diapers then mail order is the best. I have used Depends and other drugstore diapers and have found you get what u pay for and ordering a premium diaper is the only way to go.

I have used the aplastic backed and Abena Air plus premium diapers and ai have been very happy with the fit and quality. I have also used Dry 24/7 for my night time diaper but have switched to Abena Level 4 air plus premium for the warmer months.
okram said:
Where abouts in Australia mate?
And do you have access to a car?

Hey Okram,
I do have access to a car.
I live in a major Regional Centre in Western Australia.

I have had a look at the Abena products as suggested.
I will have a look around the next time I'm in Perth at an Independent Living store.
I really want to try and avoid doing things online.
You are in the same position as I was a year ago when I first got my hands on nappies. The pharmacies/supermarkets are rubbish for stocking anything decent, sadly. You'll find the Tena pants super and Molicare Mobile Super to be pretty much the same as far as capacity goes, though I prefer the fit of the Molicare.

I would seriously recommend utilising the Parcel Locker service, though I understand about your trepidation in doing so. What you could do is buy a prepaid EFTPOS card (available at Aussie Post and various other places), this gives you a good level of anonymity so purchases don't appear on your regular card statement.

If you can drive and have a health care warehouse type of place within driving distance, then this is your best bet. Independence Australia is a 30 minute drive to their location here in Melbourne, so every now and again I'll head down there to stock up. The staff are professional and friendly, they don't ask questions. I imagine your local equivalent will be similar.

The Molicare Super Plus are the only commercially, readily-available plastic-backed nappy here in Australia. They have tapes that you can re-fasten (useful for pulling the nappy off to do #2 and being able to put it back on).

The Abena M3 is the better value for money option than the M4, and the capacity is similar enough too. Note that these are cloth-backed only and the tapes kinda suck.

PM me if you have questions!
mate you have a coupe of options first go online to molicare request samples this way the package is small and no will will know + they are desecrate

go to Tena request tena maxi slip large or med depending on your size

go to lille and order suprem form maxi order both a large and med or maxi and super plus

these are pretty much the best in Australia you can get besides Abri form M3 or 4 or L3 or 4

then once you decide use either brightsky or independence Australia both are very desecrate in shipping so you should not have to worry.

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