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I thought I'd put together a lil' list of some important things to consider while you are establishing your budding ABDL relationship. Please feel free and to comment and add more "everyday tips."

BEDTIME: I think bedtime is a good rule to enforce because it establishes a routine between you and your little one. Submissive craving control will thrive under the schedule that you create. In addition it is also important to naptime is another essential “ni ni” time to consider building into your everyday routine. Naptime allows mommies a chance to recharge their batteries, have another cup of coffee, and take care of anything that needs to get done while her little one is safe away in his nursery.
Things to consider:
-Stories are always a fun way to wind things down for your little one
-Mommies should always have pacifiers to soothe uncooperative babies
-Do not be afraid to be open about naptime among safe friends and family since this is your chosen lifestyle why hide the reality?

NURSING: The bond breastfeeding can create between a you and your little should not be taken lightly. Granted some women can not produce milk without becoming pregnant I have read women being able to pump in order to produce milk. Breastfeeding sessions are tender moments and rank the #2 for vulnerability *see chart
Some things to consider if you are trying this out for the first time:
-Eye contact can enhance the intimacy greatly and should be encouraged
-Support your little one’s head as he suckles away
-Baby talk can be fun to try here especially since there is no pressure to carry on a conversation consider your baby will be busy…

DIAPER CHANGES: If you are fortunate enough to find someone who is willing to participate in the “superbowl” of ABDL activity than you my friend are living the good life ☺ In my opinion diaper changes rank #1 in the vulnerability category. Even if you have yet to participate in this activity imagine lying naked (helpless) in front of your partner as they wipe your bottom with a fresh baby wipe. Just the thought of this get’s me going but before things get too hot and heavy I would encourage you all to seek this out in your ABDL relationships.

FEEDING: Some adult babies are fortunate enough to have a high chair but even if you do not have the furniture a simple booster seat could create the idea of having a “kitchen chair.” The kitchen chair is important because it is where the little one will have most of their meals (again sticking with routine). Sometimes when baby is bad mommy might choose to feed her little one genuine baby food. If you have found someone who is willing to go to lengths to play out this lifestyle, embrace the awkward taste – you will get used to it.
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