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Went to Walgreens with my girlfriend last night to pick up some supplies for us. Apparently GoodNites TruFits are 8 bucks off (sale price is 13 bucks or something), and disposable pullups are BOGO half-off. I asked her to check when the sale on the TruFits starter kits ends, and she said Aug 29th, and I'm assuming the sale promotions for the other products ends that same date. I'm waiting for her to confirm that assumption.

So if youre a walgreens customer and a goodnites user, nows the time to stock up!


Yep, all GoodNites are on sale until the end of August except for the larger boxes and the underpads. The store I saw this in is in the American Midwest, so YMMV.
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Hmm... makes me wonder if they're setting up to change designs or something. I really like the designs goodnites has now, but if it's only the TruFit, I'm not too worried about it. I have always wanted to give them a shot though, so I'll have to swing by a Walgreens to see if the sale transitions over to the West coast. Thanks for the heads up!
I was wondering why they'd be doing a promotion for that long. I saw that GoodNites and other Kimberly-Clark brands are also on sale at CVS, Target, and some of the local grocery store chains, but the Walgreens sale is the best deal I've seen. I was kinda thinking the GoodNites promotion was somehow related to the start of the American school year; kids wet the bed more often as the stress or apprehension of starting school sets in and Kimberly-Clark wanted to increase market share and brand recognition/loyalty or something like that. But with Depends also being on sale (albeit not as deep of a discount), that theory kinda falls apart...
Could it be to get rid of old stock before an update?
According to their Facebook page, the L/XL Girls designs will have Tinkerbell (but apparently no Iron Man on boys L/XL)
I actually caught that the other day too. Good to know the sale will still be around for a while. :D
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