attends breathable briefs.

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I got some attends breathable briefs from a medical supply store manly for a bedwetting I been having. I rep off a tap 2 times and I didn't pull on thin that hard. They just came off does anyone else had this problem with this brand?
Thats the unfortunate problem with breathable briefs in general but more so with attends, I have found that moving up 1 size helps alot with this problem I dont know why this makes a difference but it does help. Also some medical supply stores sell Seni brand that are hands down the best breathable diapers you can buy IF you can find them locally. Hope this helps!
This is a common problem with attends. Duct tape is my preferred solution. Good luck.
Attends are pretty terrible. Everything about them is bad. I think store brands are a better alternative. Tranquility is a better option if you're looking for a cost friendly diaper that has a lot of the features of premium diapers without the higher price.
Thank you all I can allows count on this community
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