at last start of a stash


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Well i’ve had the opportunity to make sure that i will have a decent nights sleep for a while, ended cutting back on an order from rearz, only to spend else where on different brands of diaper.
I’ve a bit of an issue as to where the begining of a stash can be put away, thinking that the easiest and least problematic would be in the truck of my car, but that makes them away and not easily accessible.
couldn’t figure the upload for a picture, but i received 2 bags of the lil monsters diaper along with 2 bags of the pink rebel diaper, one bag of the princess and a bag of rearz pull-ups called felicity, i also got some lil monsters matching swag,
any how now i’ll figure out where to pack away the goodies all padded up. 56 diapers won’t last to long hopefully the other order of different diapers shows up soon, variety is the spice.
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Sounds like an awesome haul!