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I know to some of you that you may find it unusual as I wear nappies as I like the feel etc but I don’t actually use them. For this reason they don’t have to be mega thick or absorbent.
To get to the point does anyone know of any nappies I can buy that are quite thin but not pull ups as I like the feeling of being in a proper nappy if that makes sense.


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Where are you from? If states try supreme lites, colorfull, thin and comfy, crinkly too
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By your reference to a 'proper nappy' I would imagine that a plastic backing is preferable, so it sounds like you would get the best bang for your buck with a plastic-backed or hybrid (plastic with breathable sides) medical brand, in the lowest absorbency.

I see you're in the UK. Options available from Nappies R Us include the Tena Slip Active Fit Plus. The Active Fit series are plastic-backed, of which the 'Plus' is the lowest absorbency therefore the thinnest. If you prefer a hybrid, Save Express have the Tena Slip Original, again the Plus is the lowest absorbency. Incontinence Choice offer the ID Expert Slip in a plastic-backed version in both normal and plus absorbencies although I can't recall whether either of these is now a hybrid. There are other choices along these lines, especially amongst the 'plain white package' medical brands.

One advantage of not using the nappy is that you are free to choose on the basis of comfort and style, without having to consider wicking performance, leakguards etc. A disadvantage of opting for thin / low performance is that it's not so suitable if you did want to use it in an emergency, e.g. if you couldn't find a toilet, but perhaps that's simply not on your radar.


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Firstly non of us would think it unusual that you wear a nappy because you like the feel. For whatever reason I think we all wear, some for medical issues, some because it makes them feel safe and secure, some because they like to use them or are turned on by them and people like you that find they feel nice.

If you never use your nappies then any cheap, plastic or cloth backed nappies will be fine, you may find that some will form clumps after you have been wearing them for a couple of hours. If you do then just try another brand. I get mine supplied by the NHS and they are not very good for my needs so if I go out of the house I use vivactive or abena l4's. I order via the internet and I highly recommend

They are reliable, postage doesn't cost an arm and a leg, bu they are medical nappies so if you are looking for something more childish, you'd need to look elsewhere.

On a personal note, what part of God's County do you live in? Originally I'm from Bradford but now live near Cardiff.