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Hey, I'm on this site since few months but I'm afraid to post, because this is not my main nickname. I don't feel like I'm "me" under that Foxie nickname, but I'm also too ashamed to use my main nickname ... why? Because I already been cyber-harassed by the past, I'm becoming paranoid of all those stalkers, and I also want to be a video-maker on YouTube, I have many projects and already a bit scared "If I become popular (which is not impossible, I trust my projects and I'm sure my videos will be good), there will be a lot of stalkers and few people will know that I'm a member of Adisc -or other diaper/babyfur websites-

I don't know what to think :c help please!
This is something I worry about myself, I have mild notoriety in the town i live in, amongst certain people. I will not get into what/why that is, I would rather seem normal on here... But I worry(ed) that I will be found out. Then I decided those that find me were looking in the first place. My profile pic on here is my profile pic on facebook. I decided if I get found out I will just be honest.

I know the fear, and loneliness, is hard to deal with but I have told some very specific friends about this side of me and they are still friends. I am not saying take the plunge, I am just saying that it doesn't always work out badly. But I think that being honest is the best way to deal with it, maybe not wear it on your sleeve but if it happens it happens. And as far as this community is concerned I am pretty sure bullying (of the cyber variety anyway) will be stemmed on here.

Good luck though in whatever you choose to do. I truly hope it works out for you.
Thanks, any other advises?
Also, if it's possible to remove or edit posts, or nickname ? :eek:
At the bottom right of the message there is a few options if you click edit you can change the post or delete it from that menu. I believe you can change your nickname in the profile editing area. I hope that helps.
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