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So I month or so ago I posted on here about me having dribble problem if I did not make it to restroom in time. While that went away from a while it hadn't fulling went away and now had returned. I recently have been going to the bathroom 12-14 times a day and sometimes 3 times in 1.5-2 hours and the night before last I actually begin wetting in my sleep but woke up before I ruined my sheets (so it was just on me). I have no experimented with any hypnosis and am not attempting to wet at night because i don't always wear, however, I have been having multiple accidents a day (puddles in my undies because I don't make it to the bathroom right away).

I went to the doctor and they test for the obvious on my urine and it was all clear so the doctor just recommends that I see a urologist. In the mean time I feel sort of bad that I'm an ABDL and I'm starting to have incontinence issues. :(
You know the development of incontinence in AB/DLs might be a fascinating research topic considering psychosomatic illness.

Consider an AB/DL who wants to wear diapers but never has the opportunity to do so, whether because of personal, familial, or professional obligations or opinions. Thus, when they reach a peak in mental stress and conflict, even subconsciously, their body begins to manifest the conditions necessary to achieve that desire.

I am not saying this is true in your case, but I wonder if such a thing is possible or hasnhappened before.
An interesting idea I've heard before, but its like nearly impossible to prove or disprove without monitoring a very very large group of people. At least I would think.
I'm in the same situation. I counted 17 times in 24 hours over a year ago. With frequency like that AND being a DL, I just want to give up and wear all the time. I understand the mental predicament it creates. Did I cause this subconsciously? Who knows. Regardless of the cause, here I am and now how do I deal with it? At the time I went about 4 months wearing Depend Real Fit every day to work so I could train my bladder a bit. You know you will leak if you wait at all. Then your bladder gets weaker. With light protection, I could wait and maybe finally let off a little pressure and wait a little longer. The down side is that I felt like I had to pee all day. I also had some urinary restriction that the urologist was able to improve greatly, but I don't think that did anything except let me pee faster. However, I was able to improve my capacity some. I'll do that from time to time, too. Those max out around 16 oz so it isn't like you can just go whenever, but they do give you time to get to a bathroom. And of course if I'm gonna be somewhere I know I can't get to a bathroom easily, then I'll wear a real diaper. Think of it this way, if you were the usual kind of person, you would probably be freaking out and depressed that you might end up in diapers, but at least you like them.
This is a little bit close to home, for me. I had very similar experiences -Constant trouble making it to the toilet on time, irritating constant bladder leaks, and feeling a constant need to go. No urologist ever found out a perfect explanation for why, either, but I can assure you it isn't necessarily because you're a DL. It happened to me before I had much of a thought about diapers.

The difference is that I actually did eventually give up and start wearing 24/7. The problem had worsened to a point that I was forced to wear a diaper at any point my access to a bathroom would have been in doubt, plus at night, plus when other people were using the bathroom for an extended period... It became a matter of efficiency to just do it.

I don't know if your problem is as severe, but if it is, please bring it to the attention of your urologist without shame! If this is something that does happen, and they don't understand or have a name for it, then they need to understand it and name it so it can be treated!
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