Arts Alive YAY!!!!

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Alright so theres this thing that goes on in my county I dunno if it's in any other counties besides mine, maybe orange ANYWAYS, it's called Arts Alive and it is really fun, I was in the last one and it was supposed to be on TV sometime in March but it still hasn't =/....

Anyways, I was planning on finding a partner I don't know who, who could sing the song On The Rise from Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, it's such a beautiful song, lyrics are here: Dr Horrible Lyrics |

I'm hoping that a cd comes out with no lyrics by try-outs which I think are sometime in december.

Also there's a torrent somewhere on the internet for some of the music for acts 1 and 2, but it has the lyrics on it, and it's not that great quality, and it's not by the people so it's not really that legal, although he guy does say please delete the music and buy the cd if it comes out -.-.... so anyways.

What do you guys think should I do this song?
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