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I do believe its high time we had a back-end site... or section related to ADISC for diaper/babyfur art. One that would follow our same beliefs of humility, and community over
"Holy shit diaper.... fap fap fap fap"
With the only other "good diaper art community" (FTT) quickly, decaying; and with the death of its admin Snowfox (Be at peace buddy.. Ill miss you) It is clear that the site may just be on the brink of total chaos, and death.
I have plugged my interest to the admins my want to try and save their site, in anyway I can; but its unlikely for that to happen. There isn't a very good sense of direction or community there. There was at one time, but sadly all good things have an end.
Which is why I stand before you, members, and Admins of ADISC, for some of you members of FTT.

Are you behind this?

Would you support more guidance, and involvement in the AB/DL community?
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