Ark: Survival Evolved abdl server?

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It would be so awesome if someone were to open up an abdl/little Ark server! The game has awesome dinos and you can make tribes and set up camps and stuff and take/ride/collect dinos! Someone would have to have a nice computer though... Its such a hefty game.

You can also host a password protected server

Any thoughts?
I am trying to find the System requirements for that game on the PC. I cannot find them anywhere. This looks like a fascinating game.
Done. I own a dedicated server box and can host pretty much any game.

Sadly I do not own this game though so I can't actually join it or anything :v. Its currently updating and I will post its ip in here when its up.

------------------ Edit

Ip is

If its not being used that often though I will probably shut it down and by that I mean like one person is getting on it per a month sorta deal. Also if you need to quickly chat to me about the server just come in my teamspeak server: or (
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Too bad nobody's on Xbox One. I would join in with other AB/DL's there, I don't have a PC.
Llayden said:
Too bad nobody's on Xbox One. I would join in with other AB/DL's there, I don't have a PC.

And this is why we need cross platform play I hear that story honestly to much and it is super aggravating. I do not feel this should even be a issue I should be able to play with my buddy on his xbox instead of me having to shell out a lot of cash just to do so it is unfair to both sides of the party.

Also before any says mouse and keyboard vs controller bull junk that whole conversation is just stupid, developers should not be at fault for that kind of thing just allow users to use whatever they want on any device and if they want to be the idiot using a controller constantly that is not the companies fault but their own. Different games benefit from different hardware, its stupid to be biased on using one.
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