Arena Product Changes???

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The Abena Abri-Form and Abri-Let Maxi have been my primary disposable products for many, many years, always keeping multiple cases on hand. When ABU released their Simple diaper, I tried a case. They immediately replaced Abena Abri-Form as my primary disposable diaper.

A while back I needed to order some more booster pads, but found the Abena Abri-Let Maxi out of stock everywhere. I ordered a pack of NorthShore Booster Pads, Large to get by (which actually work really well). When I ran out of those I ordered only a pack of Abena Abri-Let Maxi, suspecting the earlier lack of stock everywhere was a result of a change in product. I was right... the Abena Abri-Let Maxi is not the might booster it was previously. I will be using the NorthShore Booster for now on

With my stock of Abena Abri-Form L4 dwindling, I decided to purchase only a pack in case they have changed as well since my last large purchase. I was right to do so. The latest pack of L4 (plastic back) are very different than my previous cases. Has anyone else noticed the changes?

I hope ABU doesn't change their Simple, as it is the best diaper I have found and will now be using it as not just my primary, but only disposable.


I stocked up two years ago and haven't had to buy any since. I really hope the changes aren't too disappointing as I am running low now (last case).

I prefer inspire+ from rearz to ABU simples, but I think they are both overkill for my needs. I like a good enough night time diaper and m4 was perfect for that.


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I've sadly noticed the difference in the boosters too. They're thinner and don't seem to hold as much as they did previously. What's weird to me is that they went through two changes, the first time they went to a shorter, wider design that was quilted. But they seem to have changed them again to a shorter, thinner design without the quilting and it's way worse now.

That second design was my favorite and I'm really sad that they don't seem to be that anymore.

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How do the Northshore Care boosters compare, btw? I've never tried them.
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