Are you ABDL because you used to wet the bed or did bedwetting attract you to nappies/diapers?


For me this is a chicken and egg question which I have often asked myself. I am not sure which came first. I cannot remember a time when I did not want to wear a nappy but, equally, I had started bedwetting again when I was just under three and was seperated from my mother who had lost a baby. I remember aged about 4 taking one of my father's handkerchiefs and wrapping it round me and from time to time when I was not much older I "borrowed" my younger siblings' nappies - once leaving a wet one in a pair of plastic pants under the bed, causing my mother to be quite cross with me. Throughout my time at my boarding prep school, from 8 to 13, I was bullied and humiliated for my bedwetting by a very unkind matron. Oddly, although I would have given anything to stop wetting the bed, even then I fantasised about being put back into nappies as a punishment for wetting the bed or as a means of keeping the bed dry. That matron never put me back in nappies although she did used the threat of treating me like a baby if I went on behaving like one as an additional humiliation - on top of the red rubber drawsheet and the cold baths for each wet bed and a spanking with a slipper for wetting my pants on a couple of occasions in my first term.
At my next school when I was 13, far from being embarrassed as might have been expected, I was in fact delighted when the very kind and understanding house-master's wife suggested that I "should go back to nappies". With her though it was not because she wanted to humiliate me but the reverse because it would be easier for us to keep my wetting secret - and no doubt for her to deal with it, since she had children still in nappies themselves. Because of my earlier feelings and behaviour I do not really think, as my wife believes, that it was this kindness which makes me want to be babied. I think it goes far further back and was all linked to those very early feelings which started me bedwetting again probably because I wanted to be secure again with both the wetting and the wanting nappies being a reaction to that separation from my mother. I do think perhaps though that the kindness of my housemaster's wife cemented the feeling that being treated as a baby and the attention bound up with being in nappies was a way to get the security I needed.
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Because of my earlier feelings and behaviour I do not really think, as my wife believes, that it was this kindness which makes me want to be babied.
I believe the same for your situation. Being taken away from a parent is an extremely emotional event for a young child. It can have ramifications that last a lifetime. Being put in boarding school could have reinforced those feelings but I wouldn't venture to say they caused them. It is possible though because you were still very young. It must have been amazing finally getting that attention at 13.

My personal case was a bit different. I believe I was taken out of diapers a bit too early. Especially for night time. I remember having several accidents during the day and being in and out of diapers for a bit. When I was 3 I remember asking a neighbor lady if I could try one of her sons diapers. I knew what they were for and really felt I needed them at the time. I was still having occasional daytime accidents and regularly wetting the bed. Never liked having accidents or wetting the bed. I Have to say wetting the bed was the ultimate worst. Waking up in the middle of the night soaked and freezing was an awful feeling. I was put back in diapers a couple times when I was older. Once while I was around 5 and again when I was around 6. Both times for having small accidents. I never did wet them but was able to imagine how it would have been being able to wake up in a dry, warm bed and just having to change out of the diaper in the morning.

This need for security stayed with me my entire life. I needed to know what it was like and went through all the stages from makeshift to stealing. I was never proud of any of it. Now, an adult and finally able to experience what I needed so long ago, I can't bring myself to let go. It's a part of me. Engrained in my emotional core.
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I had difficulty with bladder control during the day until 6-8 (had to wear diapers to school) then night wetting until 12.. I got bullied for it a lot.. then I stopped bedwetting (bullies didn't stop) ..but
I then got into an accident when I was 20. (Put on a catheter) so I lost control again.. I had to gain it back for work. But the security and comfort it gives me are the reasons now. (Security being I do still rarely bedwet)
I grew up a chronic nightly bedwetter and it never bothered me. I wet the bed every night again now and couldn't be happier. I don't know why but I have always liked being a bedwetter.
I have wet the bed my whole life, mostly I was always conscious of the fact that i was going to wet the bed and just relaxed and enjoyed it, My wife has always kept the bed protected but is happy that i started wearing diapers every night about 10 years ago.