Are there any good quality cloth backed diapers

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I know most ad/dl's don't like them but have you tryed any good quality cloth backed disposable diapers? I tryed a few myself but they leaked because of the Cloth backing.
I have tried them years ago and as a bedwetter, it doesn't make things better. Still wets the sheets. I use a reusable cloth diaper now and it's ultra thick, so even if I do have accidents I'll still be dry.
Cheap cloth backed leak through. But there ARE some decent cloth backed diapers that don't do this IF that's the only reason you don't like cloth backed diapers. Some that come to mind are Attends Overnight (or whatever they're called), Seni Quatro, and Northshore AirSupreme. For us, the best of the bunch is the Northshore AirSupreme due to it's great wicking ability. That being said, we still prefer plastic backed for reasons other than the leaking through.
I love the Abena M4 Air Plus--I'm wearing one right now, actually--but I feel that puts me in the minority. I use Lille Supremes, too. I love wearing cloth-backed disposables because they're discrete: my roommate knows I wear diapers (and doesn't at all mind) but if I'm wearing while she's home I'd prefer they be quiet. But I also love how heavy they get. When wet, the fronts tend to sag while the backs stay put (and ride up delightfully when you bend over but anyway), which makes me waddle while I'm wearing them. I love that effect.
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I'm wearing AMD Slip Maxi which is a French company, IN Aus they were $22 for 20 (huge package, wasn't expecting it to be so big). comfortable, affordable and really absorbant, the only downside is a picture of old people on the outside.
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