Are there any good adult wipes tubs

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I have noticed that most adult wipes come in disposable none plastic containers. Do you know of any good quality plastic tubs for adult wipes ?
I was thinking of making one out of lego when I get the chance, but I haven't heard of any adult ones.
I stick to the Huggies or Pampers brand, love the smell, just got a huge box of 864 at the local supermarket for 17.99, helps my little feel little! Have tried the Tena adult wipes, just NOT the same :(
Milko said:
I was thinking of making one out of lego when I get the chance, but I haven't heard of any adult ones.

I think that would dry out the wipes, but I'll give you props for being creative haha.

Also I recommend against Adult wipes, the baby ones work much better and make you feel so much more little.
the baby ones are good but they are small and you use more during each change
The Walmart brand (Assurance) adult wipes work great for me. They are inexpensive compared to others.
The tubs that "Comfort sheild" come in are amazing I have reloaded one hundreds of times. They are the best I have found thud far!

As I was reading through this thread, I was wondering, if I would see that brand mentioned-I use those too. And being larger, as one of the above replies already mentioned, are a larger size than the baby wipe size, yet work, just as well, as the baby sized one (the factory, that makes Assurance-First Quality Health Products, makes both the larger adult size and smaller baby sized, in parallel machinery, placed side by side, using the same raw material supplies feeding into both production lines, at the same time. Anyways, I do find, that brand/size works well for me, for cleanup.
Funny, one of my recent, previous jobs, was to haul 45.650 Lbs, of SAP, to one of their factories, that made 725 baby diapers a minute and 250 adult sized diapers per minute, under their brand name and about 35 other brand names (to their specifications). It was always a strange feeling (sorta quiet, internal giggle), knowing, that me, a DL, was delivering diaper components, to make thousands of diapers a day-surrounded by millions of diapers, just sitting there, in their warehouse, ready to be shipped all over the US and the world. :thumbsup: :worshippy:
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