Are Diaper Inserts Worth It?


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As someone who’s been wearing diapers on and off for a year or so now, I’ve noticed the inserts advertising higher capacity. I’ve never actually tried to purchase them however, so I thought I’d ask the experts!

In your opinion, are diaper inserts worth it? Do you notice a difference in the quality of the diaper and quantity of wettings over time? Is there a certain brand/type that you think is better than others?
I usually use a prefold (cloth) insert at bedtime. Does a good job of preventing leaks.
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Well there's 2 different items that can be used as inserts but only one that's physically designed to be a passive (allow wetness to pass through while adding anywhere from a few ounces additional absorbency to 20+ ounces additional capacity) which is called a "booster pad". The other looks identical but has a waterproof outer shell (just like a diaper) that won't allow anything to pass through it and these are called "liners" and are generally worn alone in place of a diaper within a pair of fixation pants or even reg underwear for those with light incontinence, urinary only.

I have tremendous Urinary IC when asleep (my body never reduces urine output along with a billion other issues with it) and as I age and my back degrades further I need some form of protection 95% of the time with the only time I can go without is when it is hot & humid (I do as well as I ever will from June-early Sept, rest of the year is a coin flip rigged against me in a BIG way) AND I know I can whip it out and take a leak asap, such as when fishing in a tournament or out on a quad ride. Other than that, it's a minimum of incontinence underwear with PUL waterproof pants over the top *for minimal leakage/able to go to the bathroom immediately upon sensing I have to go* though that's a rarity and it's usually a decent adult diaper (Abena L4 with plastic outer shell) as that gives me the assurance/confidence that I'm not going to leak for at least 4 hours. At night, when not feeling well and know I'll be asleep a minimum of 10-12 hours (frequently far in excess of these hours) then I use a Tranquility Super Plus contour booster pad (27 additional ounces absorbency) which fit perfectly inside of the Betterdry briefs/diapers I wear at night when I know I'll be asleep a minimum of 8 hours. IF I have to get up early for whatever reason I can get away with an Abena L4.

Booster pads come in all different shapes/sizes & especially QUALITY! I don't like the ones that bulk up a ton (these rely on a lot of SAP) but they also keep the wetness in contact with your skin, a bad combination especially when you're physically incapable of getting out of bed to tend to your own needs! I dislike the ones that have a tape strip to hold them in place as well and have never found another booster that works as well (especially on a cost per unit basis!) than the Tranquility booster pads with my almost exclusively relying on their contour booster pads, just do not unfold them as they'll render the standing leak guards in your main diaper useless and you will experience massive leaks!

Feel free to ask me anything on this as I have been living with this nearly 20 years now and have tried just about every brand/style in existence. What works for me may not be the best for you but at least I can give you input on what I have experience with.
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For me they're a toss up and depends on the size of the booster or nappy. I'm a smaller person so the boosters that only come in one size barely fit the nappies in my size. Because of that it makes the nappy very bulky. Fine when in little space because of the waddle, but difficult to walk in public even when dry. These problems might not be an issue for people inlarger nappies. The Northshore boosters are thinner but because of the size verity they fit me better. Though sometimes I feel like I have to use multiple to be effective.

With either of them I feel like I need to change before the nappy gets much of the moisture. With that, I usually only use them if I know it might need the extra protection if I'm away from home for most of the day and not much walking to do or if it's a stay at home in little space day.
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I used to do them a lot more, really depends what you are looking for. When I was wearing more for the 24/7 aspect and not using toilet at all, it was handy. Now that I casually wear and wet, I mostly just use them when I want to have an extra thick diaper or using cheaper diapers that just don’t handle much. Pampers had a great one they made and so did good nites, but both got discontinued. North shore care are the main ones I’ve used these days. I used to use the abena ones when they were more available.
Yes they are. A booster pad can add alot of versatility to your brief.
Added capacity, and the ability to change a wet pad out, without changing your brief. Its a win win.
Very much worth it if you're expecting to wear a diaper for a while far past it's usual capacity. The only caveat I will give is that you need to make sure it's the right size for your diaper. If the booster is too big, it will overlap with the leakguards, leading to premature leaking.

Since I wear Northshore Supremes in the medium size, that means it will accept boosters no bigger than a large size eternadry booster. (Northshore has a sizing guide for their own brands, which helps in choosing your booster size if you buy from them)
Yes! Especially if you want to wear the same diaper all day and not having to worry about changing mid-day. You can just take the booster out when full and then go about your day or put in a new booster. I’ve heard some people use baby diapers and they just change it out when soaked.
As others have mentioned it honestly depends on the brand and what your looking for. There are some boosters that technically work but they swell and if your leak guards aren't tall enough it could cause leaks. Also as some have mentioned you need to size them correctly or it could cause issues. Also for boosters there are few different types as well as disposable and reusable.

So I been incont for over 10yrs now and for close to 10 of them I have used one brand. Of only because they work but they are legitimately the same product (even if they made modifications it's hard to tell) this is something that not many do but Tranquility has a record of keep things consistent where others tend to change. When I first started using them there was really a science behind them or suggestions of which size should go with which diaper so when I wore a medium and even now that I use large I have used the same size which is their super plus contoured, Tranquility recommends them to be used in XL+ but personally haven't had an issue(though I usually don't fully unfold them or use the contoured shape I just leave it as a rectangle) they have a claim the max is 27oz and will say when used it has to be close.

The meat part of boosters is they can be used in multiple ways vs just down the center like I am on a med that increases my output and used to find I had leaks out the top front especially when I am in my wheelchair though I use a different size but I can put one down the center and one across the top of the diaper where there is no padding or like I have heard of some placing them on the sides or wings to help with side sleeping(though not a perfect solution) but like I mentioned you can use them in various ways effectively.

As for your question if they work like others mentioned I use them every night and unless I had a larger increase of fluids(like if I had too many adult beverages) they help beyond words when I can sleep they allow me a full night without a change. During the day I am averaging changing an Abena L4 every 3.5-4hrs but with boosters I can usually get between 4-6hrs depending on intake but usually close to 5hrs routinely.

As for reusable boosters or inserts honestly I am not educated as much as I am with disposables but I can say depending on material I can take a normal daytime diapers and usually with at minimum of 2 I can make it an effective night diaper. I personally like cloth diapers but there not for everyone and they aren't perfect for everyone and every situation like for me I will only use them at home. But will say you can use both reusable and disposable boosters in both types of products, so like for me I use a toddler sized prefold on my right side of disposables because I usually carry a weapon being paralyzed before it cause pressure than add poly backed diapers so any moisture used to cause issues. Also I experience bowel ic usually at night while asleep and to prevent staining cloth diapers I use a disposable booster(usually people use a liner which is like a dryer sheet to prevent stains but because I need added absorbency and don't want to have to buy yet something else)

Many people usually try using baby diapers with holes poked in them and they do sort of work but they can cause a bigger mess. Though I do use sz 6 & 7 diapers normally I don't poke holes in them.

Lastly I wanted to add like diapers, most boosters have limits and some do have issues with them because of how they void. So like I find I personally have times because of meds I take there are times where I have super heavy voids and even some of the best diapers have a hard time handling those voids. Like diapers boosters work better with multiple voids vs one massive one, this isn't directed towards anyone but some that choose to wear diapers tend to let out larger volumes and there are some boosters that can absorb quicker.
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You guys are so helpful! Thank you so much!!!

I was talking about boosters, I forgot the word—thanks for reminding me, by the way—and I worried I was confusing. I am mostly just a casual wearer and haven’t worn outside my home yet, but I think maybe investing in a pack every now and then wouldn’t hurt if I wanted to go all day.

I just felt like boosters wouldn’t be worth it if I kept wearing like I did either at night or casually during the day, but I see the merit now a bit more.
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In instances when I’m looking to add absorbency, boosters are the way to go. They’re designed to be flow-through, so they’ll soak while still distributing to the diaper itself. They’re supposed to boost your diapers.

Also, pro tip: the capacity ratings they give on diapers are not realistic for actual use. They’re measured in controlled experiments in labs under ideal conditions, not in real world use. A good estimation for real world use is about 1/3 of the stated rating.
Boosters are the best! I wear one in every diaper I wear. Some of the boosters swell up so much they create quite a waddle. Nothing's better than having a swollen diaper and a swollen booster between your thighs.
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Sani Maximizer diaper inserts increase the absorbency capacity up to 80%.


Sadly Mega Disposables temporarily suspended their production as neither retail and online grocery stores had them in stock.
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I don't normally use those, and instead I kinda prefer double diapering or triple diapering if needed extra protection lol.