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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi. I am late with this intro as I wanted to be sure it was really for me, and nervous I guess.
I was a bed wetter throughout my childhood, well before disposables were available. I now find in my later years they help me sleep, travel, and bring relaxation. Clearly, there are others who experience similar benefits
Welcome ARBO! Yes, there are many, many here who sleep better in diapers, myself included. I didn't have a bedwetting problem but I do find it relaxing to wear around the house (when I can) and sleep in them (when I can). Please don't be nervous. We are here to help each other through this quirky kink.

What do you like t do in your spare time? You're almost my age so I don't suppose you're a gamer. :) Do you read or watch movies like me, for example?
Hey ARBO, I'm new here too, so don't worry. It's taken me quite a while to finally get enough courage to talk to people about this sorta stuff. And I have anxieties about simply talking on the phone. But I've made one introduction thread here so far just as you have and I already feel welcome. So you should be fine. =3
Welcome to ADISC!

I too was a bed wetter (as many people here are/were). Fortunately, I out-grow it somewhere around 12 years old.

You are among friends, so try not to be too nervous.
Thanks all for thé welcome
I outgrew it at 15!
Were you made to wear nappies, or woke up to a wet bed?
We were born too early!
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