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Sup all? Hope the holiday season has been gong well.
I'm someone that has very vivid, detailed dreams. This is one of them.

I took Ozzie to a Toys R Us that had 2 floors. Inside, the store was sectioned in colorful playful themes. Closet was jungle. While walking through, start noticing Ozz's clothes were getting really loose on him so I helped adjust that.Roaming some more, his energy and movements were increasing to where I saw him run to an item he's looking for. Giving it me, he ran off to the next aisle. When I got there, he was aisle over. Coming back, he was smaller. Shirt still on big as ever, but shorts were missing in action. So I took his hand and he led me to the trains. There was a layout but he couldn't being so short. Shoes were gone, one sock missing, AND his underwear. I put what we're going to buy on the counter to look back and he ran off again. Attention span was dropping.

Searching the store, there's an indoor park on the upper floor. Things you'd see at a usual playground. Other kids were there playing, then I noticed the large clothes littered about. They 'were' adults, now around the ages 3 - 5. Ozzie calls my name as he runs in, not a piece of clothing on, with the exception of the sock on his left foot. I dashed to get something. Finding some pullups and a shirt, quickly putting them on him. "Ok, now you can go..." He ran back, but ditched the shirt before joining the others 😋
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