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I enjoy taking photos and videos of myself dressed up. I have shown a lot of those photos on this forum, with the face hidden for privacy reasons. But if I did show my face, it wouldn't be completely my own face as I use apps to edit how I look. The reason for making this thread came about when I discovered a new app for the computer which allows you to easily make deepfakes. So I wanted to tell you all about the apps I use, perhaps they may be of interest to you.

1: Faceapp (IOS) : This is used on the photos I take. It allows me to swap gender/add hair/change age etc. So I can make myself look like an adult woman or a little girl. It requires a good quality photo where you are looking towards the camera. I use the free version which is enough. It is worthwhile messing around with the different choices it provides to see what works for you. I have also used other apps to then edit my body o help make me appear thinner.

2: Swapface (PC) : I discovered this yesterday. I had been trying out deepfacelab to create a deepfake, but a 2 minute video was taking three days to render. With Swapface, that 2 minute video took 2 minutes to render with good results. Swapface only requires one photo and one video to allow you to create a deepfake. I haven't had a lot of time with it, but i suspect you will need to choose a face of someone that looks a bit like how you would look as the opposite gender or at that age. You can either put someone else's face on your body or vica versa. I put the face of actress Holly Earl on my body and it doesn't completely look like her as it still has my face shape but because we are both white and if i was actually a woman I would look a little like her (albeit probably far less attractive). It works best when the video has the face looking towards the camera and relatively unobscured, sometimes when a hand passes in front of the face, the deepfake breaks.

If anyone else has used these or other apps/PC programs post on how it has been for you or any tips or suggestions for apps to use. I would love to find an app/pc program that allows me to edit voices in a video (make myself sound more feminine) and a program that can make me look thinner in a video)