Anyway to stretch the elastic?

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Recently I bought some plastic pants (image below for context) and everything is great they’re waterproof and do the job but sadly they’re too tight around my thighs and dig in leaving a considerable mark. Is there any way to fix this or am I just going to have to throw them out.

I really don’t want to throw them out and it doesn’t need to be much wider a little extra stretch would just do it but I don’t know if I can/how.


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There's probably no way to stretch out the elastics. Sucks when this happens. Sorry
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I agree, you shouldn't suffer with them doing that.

You could-as a last ditch effort before letting them go- just crank on the leg openings until you hear popping from the elastic and threads but that may be the end of them right there!

I'd recommend a pair from Canadian company Kins, the least expensive ones they make as a starting point. PV100's maybe?
They use Lycra as an elastic and it's not "scratchy" like so many other PRC manufactured ones.
By putting a string around your thigh and then measuring the length you can be sure to avoid that next time.

I've found, when it comes to sizing plastic pants, if you have a good sized thigh don't worry about the waist too much, go with the thigh measurement you took and order based on the sizing chart to accommodate your legs!

PS if you're in UK, I'd still try to order from KINS
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I don't know what it's made of, but if it has an elastic band, thou canst try to remove it and put a longer one 🙂
LittleMonsterUK said:
don’t want to throw them out and it doesn’t need to be much wider a little extra stretch would just do it but I don’t know if I can/how.
Two issues, here (and it's not likely the elastics at fault): you bought too small a size and they're badly sized/designed.
All too common an occurrence on both counts.
If you're happy with everything else about them, you can widen-cum-reshape the legholes (you may then need extra/replacement elastics).
I had to do the same some years ago with, wait for it....some Cuddlz plastic pants, but also with others because bad sizing and design are so commonplace.
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It's just a matter of increasing the arc at the front of the legholes; this'll also give you forward-facing legholes.

And remember for next time to buy at least two sizes above the maker's claimed size fittings (even with given thigh-circumferences you need to add a couple of inches for comfort).
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