Anyone interested in an unopened case of Bambino Bellissimo Medium?

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  1. Diaper Lover
So, as luck would have it I have managed to receive a case of Medium (where my lumpy butt needs a Large). I have cut the tape on the box to look at the individual packages, but none of the plastic 'cartons' have been opened.

Would anyone here be interested in buying them at a discounted price?

Mods, if this is against the rules please let me know. I couldn't find anything about it in the rules.
How much are you willing to sell them for?
New the case goes for ~$95. I'd probably ask $70 shipped, if that's considered reasonable. Again, none of the sealed plastic 'cartons' have been opened.
70 dollars total and is shipping included in that price? So would that still make it $70 total for 48 diapers? Just making sure I understand correctly.
Would you be interested in trading? i have a bunch of unopened larges from multiple places

2 bags of 10 lg ABU SDK's

3 bags of 8 large Bambino teddys

3 Bags of 10 large snuggies.

If your interested id trade ya some of those for your mediums
Well I'll buy them then.
I'd also be interested in these.
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