Anyone have tips on where to get adult sized littles clothing items?

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I guess I'm kind of in a weird front here. I've noticed that a lot of the character stuff tends to be more on the ab/dl side of things and the sissy stuff for the most part is usually ruffle satin dresses and the like with no prints.

I've been all over the place and never really stumbled onto exactly what I'm looking for. I've looked on sites like ebay, etsy, and constantly searched google but I'm lost on exactly what my search terms should be.

What I'm looking for is custom clothing like underwear, camisoles, crop tops, training bras, and pajamas that are cartoon/character themed for a little girl but would fit an adult. Things like My Little Pony and Disney. I've looked in so many places that I'm finding it hard to believe I haven't stumbled across anything yet short of the odd item here and there.

I have stumbled across a few items but it just seems odd to me that there isn't more. What I'm looking for are primarily underwear sets (top and panties) with matching prints or things like this:

I know something would have to be custom made and there are plenty of character fabrics to choose from that I've seen. It's just everyone seems to only make diaper covers and onesies and the like or just dresses and skirts.

I'm almost at the point of buying a sewing machine and learning to do it myself lol.


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If you search for Big Tots on eBay, she sells onesies, rompers, and these cute shirt/short sets (plus she sells other stuff too).
I know it's not exactly like in the vein of training bras and all, but you never know- you may find something you like!

You could also consider maybe getting some plain camisole/panty sets from the adult section in colors you like and adding decorations, like appliqués, bows, etc!
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