Anyone Give suggestions to help me sleep better at Night and Give me a better appetite and Look on life

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Hi i am suffering from Low mood and anger. I also Cant sleep at Night at times on and Off. My Appetites at times Can be non-existent. Is there Anyway of Safety Using my Little side to make Things better i go to College and Thats when the Moods Can Happen the Most


Regression therapy does work. And a good therapist can help you with mood swings.

(You sit on the swing and hold on, while they push.)
Sorry I am being silly.

Unfortunately my therapist has now retired so I am not able to put you in touch with anyone.

I'm going to say something that may be controversial now. But I think being a Little is not a choice.

I did wake up one morning and decide to have a childlike mind. Seeing the world around me in a way that most grown-up don't. But I would not change becouse I now know who I am.

And that's the key to know your self, so you know why you are getting angry or upset.

I have chosen to have a life style of beeing a Little as much as posable and will be a middle when I have to.

And if you what to do this I am willing to help.

But knowing who you are is a life time journey. I learn something new about myself each day, my likes and dislikes, my behaviour patterns. How much I need caring for. So glad I had my big brother with me when we went for KFC today. He helped me choose what to have.

Having a bed time routine may help you to sleep.

Also look at why you are awack. And woke through the why. If its becouse you are worried about some then work thought the worry or the fear. And plan how it is going to be and what you can do about it. Wright down you plan so you don't forget.

Hope this is of some help to you.


Thanks sisi i will have a closer Look at whats Causing them it Seems like i am happy one Minute and the next in a Bad mood that i Try despritely to shake Off. I Try and think about what Little Stuff i am going to Enjoy when i get back from College.

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I feel that being a Little is not a Choice Rather who i am
Hello. I have the same problem as far as the sleep goes and short of taking pills nothing has worked for me and I will not take pills. Well except for hard strenuous labor but then I don't feel good the next day. As for the loss of appetite I would suggest talking to your doctor it might be meds that you take with loss of appetite and not being able to sleep. Or if you don't take meds it might be a condition from the slight to the severe I would seriously talk to your doctor. As for the anger and stuff like that in between classes or where ever it happens I suggest trying to imagine your littles fantasy world. That usually calms me down enough that I really didn't care about the things that were bothering me. But that is just me you may find different results.

Good luck hope this helps you.
Thanks for the advice i dont take Meds but i think ist Personally a side Effekt from mild Depression that Comes in Random Intervalls. Im more Wortes about sleeping als it Trends to make me worse. I go to bed with my plushie and paci but i am thinking of Playing Baby mobile Music though headphones to get me in a Baby feel but sometimes my mind wanders.
First, while you are going to school (assuming a college or university) you should almost always have access to a subsidized Therapist where you can have really helpful one on one discussions about your mood and anger and whatnot. I'm not saying that you 'need' to go, but that it is really helpful, and I think most people should go see one every once in a while, especially while under the stress of school.

Second, make sure that you have a healthy amount of baby time. Diapering up for the weekend and getting into your little side is probably a good time, since the weekdays you are probably busy. I'd say it is a good thing to escape your adult life every once and a while, so give yourself a schedule when you get to do that. You will have to make sure that you don't allow yourself to get too entrenched into it, regression can be hard to want to get out of, so make sure you are ready to adult up when its time to go to class or do homework. Just try making a schedule for yourself when you are allowed to be little, and when you are going to need to be adult.

Do you have any problems with avoiding room mates when you need to be little?
Natrol Liquid Melatonin:

It's like $5 at Walmart. Pretty tasty stuff. Can mix into nighttime bottle, or take on its own. You'll last about fifteen minutes before you'll get a GOOD night's sleep. No groggy wakeup, either - nice and smooth.

As for your mood and outlook: Start working out. I'm serious. You'll feel ALOT better and things will start to turn around for you. Pushups are a magical thing. .
I Do my best to Incorparate Little in my life i new wear 24/7 and i will Try Playtime before College of i have Time. I will take a Change in a bag Inside a compartment i made at the bottom of my bag, no-one knowing he he. I Can bring my schnülii and a toy Too to Play in the bathroom and preiend to go to the Toilette. I had 7 Hours Last Night (the minimum before i feel like rubbish) i feel better in Appetites ( i Want breakfast today) just Hope College is easy and it Doesnt Drag got Plans for my Little Self!

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I go for Walks Almost everyday and i will retry excerise
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