Anyone from North Carolina?


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Figured I would make a post and see if anyone was from NC
Sure am. Triangle area.
Used to live in the Triad but now in metro Atlanta
I do! Hickory
Grew up in the Triangle, still spend a lot of time in NWNC.
Near Greensboro
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Raleigh 🤗
Born and raised in Charlotte, now I’m just over the line in sc
Lived here all my life. Think we're one of the best states there is
In the Triangle area :). I'm looking for friends who are into board games, hiking, writing, good conversation and coffee so feel free to message me if you want to be friends.
I live close to the NC/SC line at I 85
Frequent visitor to OBX
Mapboy said:
Used to live in the Triad but now in metro Atlanta
I’m in Gainesville ga
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About 20 minutes from Greensboro
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Momma to twins. Boy , Girl . They are 23. They were born during the blizzard where we got 18ins of snow ❄️ in 2000
Wow. That’s awesome. I’m a twin dad. 2 girls. Mine are thirteen.