Anyone ever have order shipped to Walgreens?

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Hello folks,

I wish I could order diapers online with ease, but I don't live on my own, which means having a large package delivered to the house would mean fielding questions as to whats in the box.

I've considered getting a P.O. box just for this purpose, but there may be another option. I believe will ship orders to your local Walgreens store for pickup. If that's the case its just a matter of picking them up and smuggling them into house when no one's around (or even keeping them in my car untill the coast is clear), which is what I have to do anyway when I buy Depends fitted briefs from Riteaid.

Long story short, (or longish) has anyone used this service? Do they have any diapers worth ordering? Looks like they sell Abena, Attends, and Tena. Any of those brands still sell plastic non-cloth-like products?

Thanks for any and all responses!
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