Anyone else have any diaper dreams lately?


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I know I sure did! Last night, actually! And here's how it went;

I was hanging out with my partner at a house I used to live in. I had just put on a fresh diaper and was snuggling with them before their mom barged in. I covered myself up quickly and their mom started ragging on adult diapers and acting grossed out about it. My partner spilled the beans about me wearing diapers and their mom got mad and walked away, and I was upset. So I went to a diaperfur daycare/sleepover and had lots of fun and forgot about being upset. It was honestly kind of a fun dream 😁

Feel free to add your own diaper dreams, I'd love to hear them!!
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Here to add another dream! It was a brief one, but I haven't stopped thinking about it since I had it 😳

I was trying out pull ups for the first time and getting them on. They were a little snug and didn't sit on my belly the way I would've liked them to, but I knew I had to see them through. I got them on and they sagged, but after some twisting and tugging, they fit perfectly. As I was patting myself to make sure it was exceptionally snug, I touched the front padding. They were the softest, most plush diapers I had ever touched. It was like having a pillow tucked between my thighs. I just wanted to melt right then and there because of how soft and squishy the diaper was. Too bad it was a dream, though.
I'm still thinking about the diaper and how squishy soft it was even though I had the dream about two days ago..
Recently I don't remember any dream with diapers.
But yes, I had a few. So vivid many of them, sometimes Im scared of having an actual accident because of the dream.
I dreamt the next some night ago:
I try to hide my new plastic pants in a big wardrobe, I put them back, behind my clothes. Some members of my family are in the room and don't notice me but I know I have to be hurry. Realalistic vibe, when I woke up I had to think about where that wardrobe is😝
Fear of being discovered was always my biggie. The many ways someone might find out I wear diapers and rubber pants seemed infinite in my dreams. Truly anxiety provoking.