Anyone else enjoy being sick?

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By "sick" here I mean the common cold, or even the flu. As I sit here, nursing a bit of a headcold, I realize now why I always enjoyed being sick. For me, it takes me immediately back to my childhood. Chicken soup and ginger ale, getting slightly loopy on cold medicine, hanging out on the couch all day watching TV without feeling the slightest bit bad about it. Makes it even better if you have a significant other who will "baby" you back into good health. Having a cold then is all about being helpless, letting someone else take control, which is certainly a part of the ABDL lifestyle. Anybody else have similar experiences with the common cold, or maybe even a more severe medical condition?
Nope, it's hard to be sick when you are a parent and have to miss work and your husband won't do a damn thing who also claims to not feel well but yet can still play on his computer and I can't do anything because that is how bad I feel. I had the flu and boy that sucked. I had to threaten child abuse to get my way so he can be a parent so I can rest. If you can use the computer while you are sick, you are well enough to parent. I wasn't well to even be online or to work on my story and trying to access Dailydiapers on my WiiU gave me a headache so I had to rest. I didn't want to do anything. Having to do anything made gave me a headache and made my eyes sore. I also didn't eat because my daddy was too busy helping taking care of the kids and I didn't have a appetite anyway. I can handle a cold though just as long as it doesn't affect my sinus and give me a real bad headache but I hate the flu.

Sorry it's different when you are not raising kids and don't need the money to live. Some people can't afford to miss work. I can afford it but I would rather not miss work. But luckily my boss understood because the flu was going around and she has had it too that month. Then my husband got it after me and I was well enough to take care of the kids then despite being sick. But it's still not something I enjoy.
I really don't. I've lived on my own for some time but even before that, getting sick inclined me to be on my own more and just deal with it. My parents were always nice about taking care of me but I'd often prefer to be miserable by myself and deal with my own care. Being sick typically squelches any ABDL feelings in me and I can take returning interest as one of the signs I'm genuinely feeling better.
the current bug going around is a 10-14 day one
with classic flu symptoms and a bonus of puking and the Motezuma's revenge AKA the streaming sheets -a PG version of the word. it aint good.
Get in to the doc and get Z-Pac and Predinsone Fast ! at the first sign of any symptoms ---not a doc here so use at own risk I assume no liability for this post cavet emptour.
Ohh no. I hate being sick. I've got multiple jobs. I've got to do them no matter how I feel. So when I'm sick, it just makes working miserable.
It used to be kind of enjoyable. I'd eat dinosaur soup, watch cartoons, and just take care of myself. Now its more difficult due to my responsibilities, so I definitely don't enjoy it now.
I do enjoy spending the day in bed and not going to work, but I don't like people fussing over me. Usually when I'm sick I just want to be left alone. The one or two times I've been in the hospital, geez! You can't get any peace.
Yes, I know it's silly but I enjoy being a little sick, as long as it's not vomiting. I love spending a whole day cuddled in a diaper, PJs, and watching movies. I eat comfort food and drink warm tea. And I know it's vain, but I kind of like feeling sorry for myself when I'm sick - I'm not normally like that.

Great question.
I hate being sick. I still work as a music director, and I'm my wife's caretaker, so I have to keep going no matter what. I'd rather sleep in late and have a day off when I feel well. I can still do all those wonderful things, but feel good at the same time.
I hate being sick. Nothing worse than waking up in the morning and realizing that you are doomed to a miserable day at work.
I think the older you get, the less enjoyable it is. Especially if you live on your own, like I do..
I can see where you're coming from about being taken care of while you're sick, but all I can think about when I'm ill is the things that I can't do (go outside if I'm really ill etc.) and I hate the general feeling of being sick or injured.
Besides, it seems that whenever I get sick, I get REALLY sick (never just a cold, more the sort of sickness that you feel like you're going to die. :tongueout:*ok, maybe not that extreme.:smile1:) But yeah, to sum it up, I hate being sick
Do I like being sick? Absolutely not. I don't understand why somebody would be interested in that. But than, some people would question why we are interested in diapers.
I understand your point, but personally I hate being sick. Normally I just want to sleep, so I don't enjoy watching cartoons or netflix the whole day but rather just sleep and feels miserable whenever I am awake.
It is totally different though, when you are getting better and you're still a little sick but overall feel better. Then it is kind of fun, as people pamper you while you're healthy enough to enjoy it. Anyway, I prefer being healthy and have my lazy days whenever I feel like it.

- Luci
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